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Old 10-09-2022, 10:19 AM
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Default Hurghada Egypt SUCKS!

So, first let?s say this is only 1 guys opinion. Like many, I come to these forums to get information, so I figure I will share my experience. Some background: been kiting for 8 years, been to MANY spots over 5 continents (Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Sardinia, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Hood River, OBX, FL, MVY, CT, San Fran and most of Caribbean islands). Lived in Cabarete for 6 months and Mauritius for 4. Obviously my travels allow me to hear about many kite spots. I am not a wealthy man and try to stay in very inexpensive accommodations. Numerous times people have mentioned Hurghada/El Gouna. Hell, I even watched the videos. I now will be here for a few months and let me say this is NOT a kite spot. It is however a great tourist spot where kiting is available.

I wish someone would have mentioned what I am about to because I would've changed travel plans.

With the exception of 2 spots along the coast (neither have I been to yet; El Gouna and Safarga), a person cannot just enter the beach to kite. Every beach is private and in order to kite, you must pay 10-20 Euro/ day. Then, if you are a foiler, or like downwinders, you cannot go far (or will get yelled at after each attempt). Reason projected is tourist safety. The kite school/hotel where you are kiting from needs to be able to keep an eye on you in case you need rescue. The place is geared towards families who like to stay in hotels and who are learning to kite. Security will stop you if you attempt to walk the beach in any direction towards another resort.

If you pay per week, storage fees range from 55-80 Euro/week, so if staying at Harry Nass for instance, expect to pay 320 Euro per month to be able to kite.

The solution is to get a hotel that allows kiting (only a few), and avoid storage fees (I think). They still may charge you to use their facility for launching and landing because you are their responsibility.

The wind is gusty and seems to be offshore many times, so a bit turbulent due to obstructions. Water is choppy. Boosting is difficult in many spots due to choppiness, unless you take a boat ride to one of the islands, or kite to one (as long as it is in binocular distance from kite school). Water is warm and beautiful and so very clear. That's a bonus but not worth it in my opinion.

Also forget about any sunset sessions. Was told to be off the water by 5:30pm or the police come after you. From what I have seen by even trying to get to different kite schools/stations, I don't doubt it.

People want to set your gear up and launch and land you, yet seem to get offended when you check your own lines. So far this has happened: 1) bar set up backwards (depower line on opposite side so to depower you have to reach through bar to other side; a bit of an inconvenience while foiling for 2 hours. 2) Tips of kites being dragged on concrete and sand while being carried to be set up. 3) Sand being put on underside of kite so as to get right in between strut and canopy. I am not making this up(kid was learning though. 4) Back line almost shredded apart and not being noticed after guy set my lines up...I started setting up my own gear thankfully caught this(and switched bars). 5) Fiberglass surfboard being hit twice on way to set up (concrete and wood). So, it kind of shows me that they are used to people without their own gear (school gear).

There also isn't much of a kite community here. With the exception of people who collectively book the 7-day boat cruise, I have yet to see more than 3 kites in the air at any one spot. Pretty sure El Gouna will be different. I counted 7 kites total from Soma Bay to most Northern part of Hurghada.

Oh, don't bring binoculars; they will either get confiscated or you will be "requested" to pay to keep them. Taxis at airport are a rip off. Not sure if you can, but if you can Uber from airport, do that!

So, if you are interested in a family trip to a hotel for a week or two and don't mind the extra expenditures, go for it. I'm sure the diving and snorkeling are great too as the water is beautiful.

However, if you are a kiter expecting a kite spot, I wouldn't schedule more than a week here.

Just my opinion and since I didn't see anything like this review elsewhere, I figure I would share.

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Old 12-06-2022, 01:39 PM
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I am sorry things didn't go well. I was over there only once for a live aboard free diving trip back in 2009. It was a worthwhile and unique trip. I even got to kite once as a diver brought some gear on the boat. A liveaboard kiteboat might offer some viable options for you. There were good parts and bad parts. I wouldn't rush back to Cairo unfortunately.
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Old 12-27-2022, 10:42 PM
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Thanks for the write up. I've travelled 36 hours to the middle of the South Pacific only to get skunked on a bizarre period of no wind when wind was always prevalent. That aside it would have been helpful to know kiting access was next to impossible without paying exorbitant fees to the locals.
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