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Old 04-28-2006, 07:30 PM
Eagle Eagle is offline
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Keep your gun(s) at home, there is zero need for a gun at the beach.
Carrying a gun isn't the best idea, especially when young and prone to making mistakes. Pulling a gun out can change your life in an instant, and from my experience that change more often than not is one which is negative.

You could have the gun taken away from you and beaten or shot with it.

You could go to prison.

You could die or end up paralyzed.

I've seen MANY people shot during my career, and only a fraction of those who did the shooting were legally justified. Most of these were cops.
If you want to carry a gun, become a lawman or better yet join Spec Ops and go hunt terrorists.

Back to the topic, yes stealing is low and the chances of finding the board or thief is very remote. Whoever is stealing our gear will have to pay the balance on the karma charge card sooner or later.

BizB - The idea of a board anchored with a quick release is awesome!
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Old 04-28-2006, 10:22 PM
Optionryder420 Optionryder420 is offline
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Why does everyone assume just because I mentioned a gun, I'm going to shoot someone for even looking at me wrong?

It's very justified if the other guy has a gun and pulls his first.

And how is someone going to take my gun when/if I pull it, it's only going to be to fire it and to STOP the threat no matter what it takes.

Trust me, I know how to handle myself, I've got a really cool attitude, especially when I've got a gun around... I just got my right to be armed, I really don't want to lose it already.

It's only for my protection, or incase I see you guys confront someone (which I said not to) and that person happens to have a gun or is in close range with a knife (which I'd be hesitant to even shoot since the close range part... friendly fire is no fun).

You guys will never know if/when I have any guns around and that's how I like it. Only time you're going to see it you'd probably hear it first, and trust me, any shooting would be well justified.

I'm not about to shoot someone over anything unless my life or someone elses life is threatened.

Since I now have a firearm, I have to be 1000 times more curteous, 1000times more likely to walk away from any confrontation, and 1000times more respectful. Legal repercussions will be much greater against someone with a gun, mainly because of liberal anti-gunner high ups in the system. I've been through the legal system, I'm pretty profecient in knowledge with criminal acts.

HENCE why I suggested getting a tag number, then simply calling the cops.

And most likely, if you guys do try to confront them, I wouldn't even be there and wouldn't even watch, I already said I don't want to get involved (and if I didn't say it earlier, I've said it in other threads and I'm saying it again)

EDIT: And the only reason cops are justified is because they have a badge. I'd much sooner trust someone whom has a CWP over a police officer or a pinellas sherriff.

And like I said earlier and forgot to mention for the second time, I'm not carrying and I'm not allowed to carry. But, when I turn 21, I'm getting my CWP and you'll never know if I am/am not carrying.
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Old 04-28-2006, 11:10 PM
slingshot05 slingshot05 is offline
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Originally Posted by Optionryder420
I've got a really cool attitude, especially when I've got a gun around...
Thats not exactly true, and you should know what i'm talking about.

I'm not going to say any details though.
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Old 04-30-2006, 10:07 AM
toby wilson's Avatar
toby wilson toby wilson is offline
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Looks like you are just insistent on learning the hard way. The people giving you advice here are, for the most part, older and more experienced and/or seen more than you have in life. Stop being so stubborn, open up your ears and LISTEN for once!!! I wish guns were not even in existence, all they do is KILL!!! Who declared you the protector of our lives? Is it your business to take a situation into your own hands and decide when someone deserves or doesn't deserve to be shot? I personally think that someone who harps to anyone who will listen about how gun owners are persecuted by people who don't want loose cannons walking around flashing guns and acting like their nuts just grew to the size of grapefruits are a threat to the public. I can already see a change in your attitude just on the forum.

Guns are fine...when kept LOCKED UP AND UNLOADED at home. There is NO reason to carry a firearm for protection Kev, you are in St. Petersburg, FL not Harlem, NY!!! And cops DO need to carry guns...unfortunately because some people insist on carrying them and won't hesitate to use them on a cop or for a burglary or other crime. Tell me this, what POSITIVE thing can come from you carrying a gun? It doen'nt make you cool Kev and I will speak for everyone in saying that guns are not welcome on the beach from a kiteboarders perspective. Noone is going to attack you there Kevin, we're all friends...

Let me finish with a question to you. What would the world be like if we all carried firearms for "protection"? I don't know about the rest of you but I sure had my fair share of fistfights as an immature kid growing up. How many times would I have been shot by now if all the lawmakers said was "it was self-defense" and then the shooter got away with it. You are a smart kid Kevin, you should know better than to spout this nonsense...leave the guns and the attitude at home and lets just ride...
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Old 04-30-2006, 09:43 PM
Optionryder420 Optionryder420 is offline
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Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 314

Older, sure, more experienced, doubtful. The only one I take seriously in this topic is Bryan.

And like I said, I'm not allowed to carry.

I'm very cautious because I DO know what happens around here and the Tampa area... if you don't know, I wasn't exactly as straight edge as I am now.

I don't go out looking for trouble now since I'm straight edge. Before, like Josh mentioned, I wasn't so "good." Sure, I used to be very hotheaded and would pull a gun in an instant... I've grown up a lot since being out of highschool and getting out of that scene. I'm pretty certain there are a few others on this board that weren't as straight edge as they seem now.

And toby, you are insistent on claiming guns are the root of evil. Guns don't kill people, people do. The firearms I have/plan to get will more then likely only be used to punch holes in paper. Guns don't only kill, quit reading liberal media and only believing that.

I'm pretty sure you or anybody else would be greatful if someone pulled a gun on you and some stranger shot that person, wouldn't you?

Like I believe I said, if I am or am not carrying, you nor anyone else would know anyways. I'm not about to flash it (although I do wish Florida would instate a open carry law) and try to look cool. It's simply for personal protection and because I like to shoot.

How are guns fine when they are locked up and unloaded? They aren't serving one of their many purposes if they're like that. I prefer mine as close as possible with a full magazine loaded (although no rounds in the chamber when not on person).

St. Pete/Tampa have VERY high crime rates, I'm not sure if you are aware of this. Shit, just 2 years ago my cousin was shot and killed in Tampa over 7 dollars... so I shouldn't be worried? I think I'll keep guard myself, since I used to find myself in Tampa quite often, and still head over there on occasion today. Shit, just on the way home from purchasing a firearm, I was confronted by the guys that hit me and they were making threats. They didn't do anything, but if anything did happen, I would've sure been happy I loaded those magazines up and had them ready.

And if cops are allowed to carry, why shouldn't any citizen be allowed to? Do you know who did ban all firearms and take them away? Hitler and Stalin are just a few names that come up in my mind.

3.5million crimes are STOPPED a year from civilian owned firearms. There are 35,000 deaths related to firearms a year, other then self defense... BUT that's including all gang members shooting gang members and etc. And, anybody that knows anything about burgulary won't carry a gun in onto one. And why do you make a difference between a gun being used on a cop or civilian? Cops do NOT have some superhuman ability or intelligence. My friend is a cop, he dropped out of school in 8th grade... that sure tells you something now doesn't it. Don't get me started on the ueslessness of the Pinellas county sheriff. Even then, most cops encourage concealed carry among civilians. Only people killing people are people that already illegally carry a gun.

And even if you guys say I'm not welcome at the beach if I have a gun, it's not your call, it's my right as a U.S. Citizen. I'm not using it there for protection from any of you, but what if I was just out shooting, or what if I just bring it everywhere I go? If I even have it at the beach, none of you would know anyways, and if I did, too bad, you'll live, it's not going to shoot you by itself.

And if EVERYONE carried a firearm for protection, the world would be a whole lot more polite.

I know I'm not allowed to shoot someone just for fistfighting, and if someone was trying to fight me, it's my responsiblity to WALK AWAY. Only way I'm even going to reach for my gun is if someone else has already drawn theirs. Since I'm 18 and not even allowed to carry (besides a few rules I'm allowed to have it on my property IE car, house, etc.) I have to be even more careful then those 21+ year olds with CWP.

Saying that "self defense" crap is such non-sense toby, my 100% left wing neighbor came over spouting that off (along with her lefty husband telling my uncle {an army ranger and other more classified stuff I don't know about} that the Iraq war didn't even happen) she could shoot a black guy walking down the road because she felt threatened. It's the same as you're saying about a fistfight. If I were to shoot someone over some stupid confrontation, I'd be facing 20 years. As you said so yourself, I'm a smart guy... I'm not about to shoot someone (which I've said in the last few posts besides the original) over nothing.

And trust me, I've gone through my "mistake making phase." It's been over for some time now...

My guns are just for punching holes in paper guys, I doubt I'll ever run into any trouble, but if I do, at least I'm prepared.

And don't think bad things only happen in certain neighborhoods...

Do you think any more professional criminals are going to try to make money in the ghetto? that's a negative... although more professional criminals usually won't carry guns.

See you guys out there.
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Old 05-01-2006, 10:10 AM
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Old 05-01-2006, 10:48 AM
Optionryder420 Optionryder420 is offline
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Good point on the Breaking into cars and having a gun stolen...

Many good points.
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Old 05-01-2006, 10:55 AM
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I don't what it is about guns that pisses everyone off so much. I've got plenty of other implements around the house (vehicles, knives, hands, etc.) that could be used for unlawful killing. Why are guns so bad? As many guns as there are in Florida, every day would be like the Wild West if everyone were whipping them out at the slightest provocation.

On a macro level, government has an incentive to disarm the populace. Doing so gives the government more power and makes private citizens rely more on government for protection. Of course, once the government knows that its citizenry is disarmed, where is the strong incentive to do anything?

I look at gun ownership by a private citizen as that person's decision to take broader personal responsibility for his or her own security. I applaud it and I would not object to a kiter bringing his along to a session, as long as doing so is not a violation of any law.

Might be a good way to depower a runaway kite, too.
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Old 05-01-2006, 11:04 AM
Optionryder420 Optionryder420 is offline
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Join Date: May 2005
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Depower a kite :twisted: :shock: :lol:
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Old 05-01-2006, 11:15 AM
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Yeah. Can't we think of any stupid trick names involving shooting the kite?
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