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Old 11-18-2006, 11:25 AM
CrazyJay CrazyJay is offline
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I have a request of all the riders who competed last year and this year.

Write a comparison of the 2 events. Include things such as race course length, conditions, and difficulty: event organization: value for entry fees: what worked well, what didnt. etc etc.

Give us your ideas so we can make NEXT year even bigger and better.
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Old 11-22-2006, 08:08 AM
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Steve-O Steve-O is offline
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My first post on the forum. I was told to tell this story. First race by the way.

So I am crusing along working past the Redington pier. Notice kite is loosing air. Work into the beach and have an old guy help me get the kite down. He instantly goes for the bar. Whoa! Anyways, after inspection of kite, notice IN valve is almost out and leaking air. Make the decision to put the valve back in, and try to finish. Bad idea.....after five minutes....out to sea of course....kite just doesn't have enough pressure to keep shape. No nothing...dead in the water. Of course then the kiters behind me start coming. One after another. Many stopped to see if I need help....don't know who they were...but thanks for trying. Never done a self rescue, but seen in so many times on the Real DVD at the shop.....worked like a charm. So I am cruising in flying the kite by hand. Took about 15 min to get to where the waves are breaking. Little did I know there is a frenzy on the beach of lights and people. Then the helicopter shows up. I turn around and an inflatable dingy with 3 firemen are ready to "rescue" me. Ok I do appreciate it guys, but I am like 15 yds from shore and getting ready to be pounded by the shoulder high waves breaking on the bar. Told them I was cool, and to just let me get in. They insisted that I needed help. In my mind, I don't really want a boat with a prop near me in the pounding surf. In their mind....their thinking "save the poor lad!!!" So they throw a rope and yell at me to grab it. Keep in mind I have a board and a kite in hand...oh yeah and waves getting ready to pound us all. So I manage to grab the rope and it begins to pull so hard that I can't hang on. I look up and the boat full of men disappear over the falls. After the wave levels out, I see a boat upside down, with three rescuers in the water. I hate to say it, but I told you so. So they get to the beach, get the boat sucured, get back out, and help me in the last 10 feet or so. Side note....I have had some near drownings in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Hawaii in double overhead surf. No one to rescue me then. Not bitter, but just ironic. Anyway, the guys were cool and asked if I needed phone. I saw the fire truck and asked "You guys got a compressor?" You can imagine the look on there faces. They kind of blew me off, but I kept asking and sure enough one guy bit. So to put it simply, they got my kite back to pressure, launched me off and I finished the race dead last. Well before PJ...but I am convinced she stops for lunch along the way. It was a memorable race for sure and a big shout out to the Fire Department of Redington shores. I could have been in alot of trouble and was glad they were there just in case. da man!!!!!!!
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Old 11-22-2006, 09:04 AM
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C. Moore C. Moore is offline
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Good story Steve-O.. 8)
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Old 12-02-2006, 09:52 AM
PJPJPJ PJPJPJ is offline
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Default What do you remember?

This is something good to write about. C.Moore told me to go online and check out the posts on the race. I laughed so hard(Stacey) that I felt the need to post myself... so, here goes...

Friends told me that the person who took last place was mentioned not only in Billy's (WAY TO GO) article giving him massive congratulations, but by other fun loving kiters who realize the importance of doing clean up, rolling up the carpet, turning out the lights, and coming in last place, no matter how long it takes! You guys made it tough this year. And, this only shows what a great community of kiters we have when the last place finisher (even if they called me a chap) gets mentioned right along with the best of the best.

Steve-O, I have to say that you gave me a good run for the money by having a "kiting emergency" and going ashore. The thought would never have occurred to me. I wish you better luck next time. Also, maybe next time I will stop off at The Frog Pond in Redington Beach for a bite to eat as you suggest. Such creative thinking!

Rick I., For some people the most important thing about the race was what place they took when they crossed the finish line. There were some incredible feats accomplished during this race! For others (well me), it was enough to cross the finish line itself. I can't remember feeling better! I had my best ride yet. I ENJOYED THE RIDE!!!!! It will be hard to top. I had almost 4 1/2 hours of uninterupted time on the water, in challenging conditions, with my thoughts and fears, and the dolphins at Redington Beach.

Yes, in retrospect, I could have gone faster, taken more chances, and finished sooner. But I wouldn't trade the ride I had for anything!

[Each and every rider in the Tampa Bay Kitemasters Race faced down a few demons that day!]


1.) Attempt to do something you believe is beyond your grasp. Once you do it, Immediately Dream Bigger!

2.) By all means hook up a board leash for conditions including 10-foot swells and gusts up to 30. Then, once you have it attached to your harness like I did, forget to attach it to your board until 1/2 way through the race. At that point, seriously ponder when and where is a good place to take a small break to get your leash attached without the swells swallowing you whole. Finally, attach your leash to your board once you see what you are facing at John's Pass because you believe it will make your body easier to locate by the Coast Guard or some wandering fisherman next week. This worked for me! And, I feel like I deserve a little gold star for not only taking last place but for the miraculous feat of
never losing my board!

3.) Always help your fellow kiters in need. This makes us a stronger kiting community.

And, last but not least, (pun intended) a huge load of thank you's goes to Jayson and Julie, Chris M, Amber, Tammy, Chris S., and everyone else who threw in time, effort, money and for those who showed up just to cheer on the riders.

This was an incredibly successful event! Looking forward to the next one.
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