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Old 04-28-2006, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by y2kcmoore
Yeah it really filled in at Cypress, but it was really gusty. I got lofted on the DW about 10 feet in the air. I wasn't worried about the height but the oyster beds below had me concerned. I stubbed the hell out of my toe just before the DW and it is still swollen and painful. I might have broken it. My riding may be limited until it heals.

This theivery is getting out of control. I can't wait until I catch some one stealing my stuff or one of my bro's. I have a lot of built up anger that needs to be released.
Unless you are carrying, I wouldn't suggest confronting anyone with that. People that steal your shit are already committing a crime, what's to say they aren't willing to committ another one? (assault, battery, possesion of a concealed weapon, etc.) And why put yourself in the position of getting charged with assault or battery when it most likely won't get your board back?

But, if you guys did happen to do something like that and the guy turned violent, I've got your back. Or, if the guy just happens to get plummelled, I'll be a good witness . Or, if the guy has a knife, I'll shoot him

I still wouldn't suggest doing it though :lol:

Get the persons license plate number, then call the police.

If you guys don't want anything stolen, lock everything up and hide it out of view. That's all you can do.

Someone would steal a kiteboard just to sell it scott. I mean, something as easy as walking up, picking something up off the beach and then leaving netting you 100+ dollars would definently be worth it to a thief.

The cameras will probably be of no use, they most likely won't turn the footage over or they already have gone over it. But, I still say, give it a shot.

Everyone should keep an eye out for this board for sale, even if you see it on ikite or ebay or anywhere from a different location, I still recommend calling it in, or emailing the webmaster of the page and getting an IP. We really need to crack down on the thievery since it seems to be starting back up.

Don't leave boards on the beach unless you're willing to suffer the consequences either. Get someone to lock them up in your car, or have someone there watching.

Take as many precautions as you can to avoid the theft, people aren't going to bother if it's locked up in your car. Nobody is going to walk up, break your car window or use a slim jim and get into your car even if you are on the water if they don't see something worthwhile.
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