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Old 05-05-2008, 01:27 PM
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Default Contest Delays ... Problem?!

Before getting into any of this I want to say anyone who organizes a well run kiteboarding event has my profound gratitude and respect for all the hard work and limited financial return (usually financial loss?) of these endeavors. Add to that, this year wind has been light and fairly spooky in limited appearances. We've had more organized kiteboarding events on tap this year than at any other time in the past. Normal wind patterns fail and events are put on hold pending return of winds. How many events this season WEREN'T delayed, not many that I can recall. What choice did they have? It has been that kind of a year.

At the same time, some events may announce for a block of time and other organizers may schedule around those events or hold off entirely. Wind may be on in some parts of the State while not in others. Opportunities appear in some areas and stay asleep in other areas. It gets complicated. In the interest of facilitating as many well run events with adequate wind as possible while working to avoid untoward scheduling conflicts, what is the answer? There may be NO easy answer in this either.

This is in part inspired by Kent's comments at:

So, what do we do? Continue with wind waiting for all events, some "major" events (some have been around for years with a strong following, other great contests are brand new), have fixed time frames, burn suitable wind sacrifices as offerings? What is the answer?
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Old 05-06-2008, 10:50 AM
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Default do delays contests

u know it rick .
yes it's hard to set dates for an Event, and even more frustrating when u have no choices bc of special permits contracts - like on the County beaches for instances - if that specific weekend the wind doesn't cooperates .

This whole spring , the wind was either off or westerly for 70% of the weekends , but quite decent week days . very frustrating, but beyond our control and we know it : It's the Essence of our sport: driven by wind.

So it's a 50/50 chance, yet we still we have to put as much time and effort in it as it if it was good, since riders and sponsros will show up at least on the first day.
that's what happened during our Miami Masters 2008.
we know also nobody wants to do the drive when the forecasts are poor for a scheduled event.

So we CHANGED STRATEGY : decided to push back the 2nd part of the Masters with the Freestyle / kicker contest in November as a Season Re-opening Contest.
This time we will give a MONTH WINDOW to choose the most suitable wind forecast on weekend.
Not only it guaranties a better show on water but it also respects the riders who drive and pay to enter an event and should have required conditions to best express themselves.

Additionnaly by then, we may potentially get more Cash prizes and certainly re-do another 2-days event with Race AND freestyle to start the 2008-0 championship.

As per the exponential growth of contests all over Florida, it's a normal trend and feedback from the expansion of the sport and level up of rider community.

It's reflects a new incentive and put the sport on track for an durable developpment .
It's time maybe to get in touch all together School , and Event organizers to come up with a similar Scoring points system for all event , and awards an Overall winner for the season .
Plus award winners by categories : Pro- semipro- amateur- by type of contest: , course racing , Boarder X - Waves - freestyle/SLider/kicker and age: junior,adults, senior, and of course in each category: men- women.

just to connect the Florida community toward one common championship. and we pick the award ceremony location wherever the last event is made for example.

everything is in place already , we just need to set the approxiamtive dates on a calendar ( taking in consideration the WINDOW forecast delay strategy) , then agree all on a scoring system, and share our comptitors database.

This can only increase the participation of competitors to each race as :
- it creates another incentive to riders,
- gives more credibility for sponsors and media all along the season,
- benefit to the manufacturers as competitors tends to upgrade gear more often when participating in contests ,
- best for schools and instructors as it offers perspectives to young students interesting in the sport,
- benefit to all of us as it makes the entire florida community to travel all across the state to ride in various conditions, learn more technical aspects, socialize with more variety of beers brand..., and multiply links exchanges.
SO it benefit to the whole industry.

Since Florida is THE STATE with longest ridable time year round and so many variety of spots, we should definetely be ahead and on top of that.

SO I'll say , yes DELAYS CONTESTS for quality events each time : Quality is a must versus Quantity in our Sport, if we want to keep the vibes up.
MIAMIKITEBOARDING - Miami's First School

Christophe Ribot
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Old 05-07-2008, 11:52 PM
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Default's not an event without wind...right?

I mean, we've done every funny, sillly "entertaining" thing we can think of in front of the cameras over the years to try keep the sponsors happy...

At some point, you gotta call it...or always have some winches, jet skis and paddleboards...(or sumo wrestlers...that was fun Kent...) around to make the event...

"on call" events are good...the only problem is the wind will usually hit the whole area at the same we all want to do an event on a weekend in November...where do you go?
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