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Old 08-24-2007, 10:24 AM
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Default couple notes on new kites I saw this past week..

first off the new naish sigma kite were out in full force in HR... i was on my 9m waroo and there were a few out on their 9m sigmas.. they seems to be solid kites.. no flutter to the canopy.. seemed solid.. i did see a few go down and the rider was not able to re-launch quickly.. saw this a couple times.. different riders, different kites.. not sure if this is an issue or not. Talking to a guy on the beach these kites didnt seem to have more low end than my 2006 waroo.. again.. i was on the 9 and moderately powered.. they were on their 9 and moderately powered.. one rider out on a small directional (tho there are a LOT of riders there that ride strapless and/or directional boards.

the REV.. saw this out only 1 time .. 2 kites.. 9m and 11m .. I was on my 12 and pretty lit up.. guy on the 11 was a skilled rider.. crashed a lot.. kite relaunched INSTANTLY.. damn thing would crash the swing over to the edge of the window waiting for the rider to get his act in gear to get the kite off the water.. i did see A LOT of canopy flutter tho on both kite sized.. looked to be more flutter than my 2006 12m waroo. the guys i saw were not boosting but were riding unhooked a lot.. seemed to be having a good time.

the new yarga:
this is the one that excited me the most.. 2 riders on 9 and 11s.. 2 different days.. boosting FAR higher than anyone else .. i swear that I have never seen a kite loop so fast.. and it was on the 11 that i saw it over and over again.. its like its got a turbo swivel or something.. the riders were good.. not great.. just doing launches off the swells like everyone else but the kite moved so fast they would be probably 10 feet higher than anyone else. I know the low end is not the key for these kites.. but the high end looks to be amazing. This is the one kite I wish i would have demo'ed .. probably could have but was just having fun doing my own thing..
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Old 08-24-2007, 10:37 AM
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i agree with the yarga, definately a fast kite that jumps huge, got to demo it for about 20min at the SW..... i hoping to come across a used 9m a few months down the rode

btw, EK has them at 25% off
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at least i think they were.. been so long i cant remember
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Old 08-24-2007, 05:45 PM
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Havent demo the new yarga yet. Looking forward to to the Rev and Nemesis. Not to much impressed with the relaunch ability of the waroos, still love the performance of the kite. Another month and a half and its the real windy season
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