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Old 02-13-2008, 02:09 PM
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Default Stormy Weather Hits Kiter

Originally Posted by oceanplay
So there are three of us having a blast in the waves doing a down winder, we started in pompano and are going to Deerfield. Just as we are getting to opal towers the rain starts coming in strong, the waves smooth out some, I get a big grin and keep riding, now this would have been the time to get out of the water but the kite buzz took over and on we went, now at trespass, itís the worst spot on the whole down winder other than the pier to have shit go wrong but nice waves to be had. I see my other two kite bros in the danger zone having some tasty waves. Just then I turn my head and see it. It is one nasty squall of death a white out! I jib the board and head off shore, the whole time I think my bros are dead in the worst place at the worst time! All the time Iím hooked up and trying to get as far from the rocks and sea wall as I can before it hits me. Then it hit, Bag Iím going mark one and blown off my board from the wind and rain, F#$%H I said to my self keep your head, keep your head, Iím thinking pull the safety pull the safety, F&*^king bow kite if I do my leash is on the chicken safety then I have to ditch the whole rig! So every thing now is in slow motion, Iím thinking get the leash to the oh shit handle, all the time the kite is depowered all the way and bar out and me being violently dragged around. I get it to the oh shit handle, I have the kite just off the water and in control with me heading to sea, so I hold on and am going for the ride! Itís a total white out and I just keep telling myself, keep control, keep control, itís going to be over, it will be over.
Just then when things can't get much worse other than death it happens, the kite starts going from the NE to the E to the SE, then I think wholly shit itís flying out of the wind window and will be blown right at me, with my hand on the release the whole time or most of any way, the kite keeps blowing around the window with the wind doing a clock wise rotation, three times I went around that I known of, could have been more. I was scared shitless and had all my thoughts and energy focused on keeping that kite low and in control, and me in the water. In the long run all things went well and am lucky to be alive.
The other two kiters had 5th lines and went to them, and all made it safe.

So I ask what the hell was that, was it a waterspout, some kind of vortex/micro burst they had a tornado warning out?

Anyone have this happen to them?

Oh yea donít be a dumb ass like me, donít kite with squalls and tornado warnings!!!

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