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Old 02-16-2006, 09:57 PM
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Default Collection of Kiteboarding Guidelines

Ft. Lauderdale Designated Launch
(one of the oldest and most successful launches in a densely populate setting in the USA)

The following guidelines are intended to aid kitesurfer safety and that of
bystanders. It is important that kitesurfers follow these guidelines and
other prudent and safe practices to attempt to ensure continued access to
beaches for kitesurfing.

1. All beginners should seek professional instruction. Beginners should
drag out two line lengths from shore prior to water starting.

2. Never kitesurf in conditions, which are too extreme for either you or
equipment. Assess conditions, layout and potential eventualities to avoid
getting into bad situations. This may assure a good kitesurfing session at a
minimum and the preservation of your health and safety in the extreme.

3. Minimum Suggested Safety Equipment: A helmet, PFD (lifejacket), gloves
and hook knife. Check your gear before and after every session; replace any
worn or damaged parts before going out.

4. A safety release and leash must be attached to your body, prior to
launching any water-launchable kite. DO NOT ATTACH BOARD LEASH until kite is
launched and in the neutral position.

5. Always give way to the public on the beach when about to launch and
inform them of the danger as few onlookers realize the possibility of
Be patient and particularly courteous and cautious. Call out when you are
about to launch. Avoid launching and landing at public guarded beaches.

6. Kite flying in potentially violent or unstable weather is not

7. Only fly and/or launch your kite in areas where you are able to maintain
a 200' safety zone downwind of you that has no obstructions, including
people. If anyone or thing enters this zone, immediately fly your kite to
overhead neutral zone until the obstruction is clear. If you are unable to
consistently maintain this safety zone then land and collect your kite until
you are in a position that is safe to re-launch.

8. Assisted launch and landing is recommended. While you are setting up
attention to incoming kiters and assist in landing their kites

9. If lulls occur and/or kite stalling is likely, the kite should be flown
in "figure eights" overhead to maintain sufficient forward kite speed to
avoid kite stalling and falling.

10. Kitesurfers yield right of way to all other beach and water users.
Riders must yield to kitesurfers when jumping, maneuvering, or riding on
tack (left hand forward). Incoming riders give way to those launching.

11. Grounded kites must be sufficiently weighted (sand, if available) to
offset strong gusts and if unattended, disabled by disconnecting all lines
from one side and roll your lines when not in use.

12. Beach jumping or extended traction kite flying on the beach is NOT
encouraged, particularly in congested beach areas!!

13. Jumping kiters sacrifice right away. Jumping kitesurfers should avoid
shallow water.

14. DO NOT COME WITHIN 200ft OF guarded or congested BEACH OR SWIM AREAS
UNLESS LAUNCHING OR LANDING and then only if locally permitted! ! Approach
the shore slowly with caution. Take care to avoid causing an accidental
by slowing suddenly while approaching the shore

OTHER PUBLIC AUTHORITIES. If they request that you stop kitesurfing please
comply, find out the reasons (without arguing), and then bring them to the
Florida Kitesurfing Association.

Tigertail Park, Marco Island, Florida

1. Pick up trash, cans bottle papers
2. Don't touch or violate no trespassing signs
3. Don't kite on the first or southern lagoon, ride in the north lagoon in smaller numbers and outside the lagoons in the Gulf.
4. Respect bystanders and avoid complaints.
5. Stay at least 100 ft. from bystanders.

Oahu Kite Club

Safe Riding Guidelines


* All beginners seek professional instruction
* Kiters yield the right of way to all other beach users and water users
* Assisted launch and landing is recommended
* All kiters must use proper kite safety leash at all times
* Beginners drag away from beach 2 line lengths prior to water starting
* Do not leave unused kites on the beach
* Launch kites one at a time

Launching & Landing

* Double check all connections to kite prior to launching
* Yield to all people and kids on the beach, wait or ask them nicely to clear area
* Launch/land kites from designated areas
* Leave/approach the beach in a slow controlled manner
* Absolutely no beach jumping !
* Land kites toward the water from the beach
* yield to pedestrians when landing or launching

On the Water

* Starboard tack has right of way (righthand forward is starboard)
* Jumping kiters sacrifice their right of way
* Incoming kiters let launching kiters go out prior to landing
* Do not come within 200 feet of the beach or swim areas during session
* Stay out of swim areas AT ALL TIMES, marked by white buoys
* Stay clear 200 feet from swimmers that are outside of the swim zone
* Stay clear 200 feet from all waterusers
* Respect local fishermen on land or boats at all times
************************************************** ******

Maui Kitesurfing Guidelines

Local Maui Guidelines
No kiteboarding before 11am on the north shore.
No commercial activity on beaches on any Sunday or Holiday.
When riding keep AT LEAST 200 feet from divers, swimmers, shore, etc.
Stay AT LEAST 300 feet from Humpback Whales.
Observe mapped kiteboarding boundaries and posted signs.
Check local weather conditions prior to launching.
Stay clear of power lines and overhead obstructions.
Select a safe launch site AWAY from other beach users.
Ride with a kite leash.
Check your gear for knots, unsafe wear and tear.
Keep DOWNWIND of canoes.
Keep DOWNWIND of windsurfers.
Help each other launch and land.
Tap the top of your head when you want to land.
Look before you leap.
Practice new tricks away from riders and shore. HOLLYWOOD away from normal tacks.

Be kind.

Smathers Beach, Key West, Florida, USA

Delray Beach, FL, USA
Law governing kiteboarding

Boca Raton, FL, USA

Boca Raton Kiteboarding Guidelines – January 14, 2005

The following guidelines have been prepared to aid kiteboarding safety and access privileges at the City of Boca Raton Beach in the vicinity of Spanish River Blvd. These practices and other appropriate procedures should be followed while kiteboarding off this beach.

1. New kitesurfers must seek adequate, proper instruction BEFORE kiteboarding here or be under professional instruction while kiteboarding here.

2. Launch and land north of lifeguard stand #20 located due east of Spanish River Blvd. NO LAUNCHING OR LANDING IS PERMITTED WITHIN GUARDED BEACH AREAS.

3. Launch and land no closer than 200 ft. and preferable further from any downwind bystanders.

4. No extended, full sized traction kite flying on shore is permitted. After launch go offshore at least 300 ft. or more and stay beyond this distance until time to come in.

5. Kiteboarders are solely responsible for their safety and that of bystanders and shall act with appropriate caution.

6. A kite depowering leash MUST be used. Use of safety equipment including a good helmet, impact pfd, gloves, whistle and hook knife is recommended.

7. Assisted kite launch and landing is recommended. Kiteboarders are encouraged to aid other riders in complying with these guidelines and to readily give assistance when needed.

8. Be courteous and yield the right of way to all other beach users and bathers. Work to avoid complaints to preserve your access to this kiteboarding launch.

Sarasota, FL, USA Guidelines

Kiteboardinq areas on Siesta and Lido Sarasota Fl.:

-All guarded areas are Off Limits on Siesta Public and Lido Public; these areas are marked with swim buoys. Stay well outside the swim buoys when riding.

-Ground handling and lessons on Siesta to be done in one area only! The only area with enough beach is north of the public beach behind homes, it is a private beach and kiters have permission to practice there. Stay away from walkers on waters edge.

-If you launch anywhere else on Siesta go directly to water and body drag out away from beach.

-Ground handling and lessons on Lido in two areas only! Area 1... North Lido at least 1/4 mile north of Lifeguard tower. Notice and observe north marking swim buoy.
Area 2...South Lido park beach side.

-If you launch anywhere else on Lido go directly to water and body drag out away from beach.

General Rules:

-All beginners must seek professional instruction

-DO NOT Launch in areas were beach users are down wind from you

-Beginning kiters drag out two line lengths prior to water starting

-Kiteboarders yield right of way to all other beach users and walkers

-Kiteboarders yield to other water users

-Assisted launch and landing is recommended

-All kiters must use a proper kite safety leash

-While you are setting up pay attention to incoming kiters and assist in landing their kites

-Do not leave unatended kites on the beach

When Launching:

-Make sure that beach area is clear, no people down wind

-Launch kites only from designated area

-Leave the beach in a slow and controlled manner

-Beginners body drag 200 ft out before water starting


On the Water:

-Starboard tack has right away (right hand forward is starboard, left is port)

-Jumping kiters sacrifice right away

-Incoming kiters let launching kiters go out first before landing

-Jump and jibe at least 200 ft outside shore break and swimming area

-Yield right away to ALL other water users


Your compliance with these rules will help to keep public beaches safe and open to kiteboarding. Please remember that we are new comers to the beach and our behaviorwill determine how others will perceive our sport. For more information about how you can get involved to keep kiteboarding safe and legal in Sarasota Fl., visit Island style windsurfing at 954-1009

Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Guidelines

San Diego, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA

Australian Kitesurfing Guidellines

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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Old 07-31-2007, 02:56 AM
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Given the upcoming Kiteboarder Magazine podcast on kiteboarding access, I wanted to bring a few posts back up to the top.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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