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Old 05-02-2007, 08:15 AM
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Default Out of Bounds

Riding in and out of out of bounds swim areas has frequently been a significant reason for loss of access both in Florida and the USA. It doesn't stop there, here's a report out of the Netherlands from kiteforum. Solution, stay offshore until time to come in, simple. Who needs to hassle with threats to access?

Originally Posted by Lord of the Boards
Hello everyone,

Last weekend the Dutch kitespot Mirnse Klif (Friesland, Netherlands) was really crowded. Especially with (German) tourists. I have no problems with Germans at all (or whatever tourists), but everyone has to obey the rules. Also German tourists.

We have rules on the spots in Holland, and the local kiteboarders DO respect those rules. We expect tourist kiters to also obey the rules and listen to the locals when they try to explain it to them.

In Mirns, there is a swimming zone on the right side of the beach. This zone is strongly forbidden for kitesurfers. A lot of children were swimming there last weekend, but some german tourists were launching kites and fooling around in the swimming zone. When some locals tried to speak to them and explain the rules, they only shouted some names and told them to shut the (*%^& up. They continued fooling around between the swimming children.

The owner of the restaurant has got a lot of complaints from worried parents who saw their children were in danger because of those kiters.

There has been a lot of trouble in Holland to get some spots open. Now we finally have some good spots, we would like to keep them open, instead of being ruined by tourists.

If you go to Holland:
Gather some info about the kitespot you want to go.
Ask the locals for special rules for the spot.
Listen to locals who try to explain the rules, don't shout at them and respect and obey the rules.


Dutch kitespots are still in danger of closure. Don't let this be your last kite-holiday in Holland.

Please tell everyone, put this message on all the German fora, etc.


FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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