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Old 03-27-2009, 07:27 AM
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Can a few of you guys that enjoy posting to these useless discussions take a moment please and post in the “Lets Ride” section when the wind is blowing or going to blow. I personally find those posts more informative to the kite community as well as advising riders when to expect their next ride.

It’s always been appreciated by myself when checking this forum to find that someone is kind enough to mention when we expect more wind in that section.

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Old 03-27-2009, 09:54 AM
zenlikeme zenlikeme is offline
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Default Wow

It's funny to me.. all season long the forum has been, for all intensive purposes, dead compared to the previous years. I too found this forum to be so useful and helpful, especially when I was learning. I even had a concern, for the new riders, that they weren't benefiting from it the way myself and so many others had.

And now this...! The most involved thread all season... and the most views... and all for bullshite. Truly Sad. We're all friends here. You guys have been through so much together. To exert so much energy on the negative is truly a waste of everyone's time. I've been sorry to witness this all unfold.

I do want to chime in on only one point here. I was present the day that started this thread. I agree that there was unacceptable behavior that day. Not only on the new guys, which at least can be understood from some degree.. bc they're new. But also from seasoned riders. It was the seasoned riders that actually made me feel embarrassed. The situation was not handled well at all. I now regret not being the one to go and "talk" to the guys that clearly had no clue. Instead, I watched others berate them and laugh at them. Not cool. Someone finally told them they needed a leash and they put one on. But I continued to hear people make comments, that these beginners could clearly hear, that made me feel ashamed.

Listen guys.. we're a community here. One that I've been so proud to be a part of. Everyone has been so genuinely friendly and helpful. Perhaps as the sport grows it's inevitable for the tides to shift. But I wouldn't expect to see it from the core founders in the area. And not from my friends. Calling newbies "Kooks" and pointing out they're "kooky" behaviour is negative. Laughing at them is negative. Not helping out is only hurting everyone. It'd be nice to see everyone jump when they see something that could potentially end disastrously. I know we can all witness so many events in a day, especially at east beach, that raise a brow. That we can become complacent and end up sitting back and listen to the "circus music" instead of trying to stop the record. But this is irresponsible and a move in the wrong direction. I've certainly been guilty of it but after this expose, I know I will try to isolate myself from what I see as detrimental to our scene and do what is right for now on. If only to make amends for this shameful situation... even tho I shouldn't have to be the one making the amends...

Wow.. that was a long point. At least for a "lurker" that never posts :mrgreen: Let me summarize. We all were beginners once. We have ALL needed help from time to time. Most of us have had our asses saved by someone looking out. Grow up and do the right thing!!!

Your dread headed buddy
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Old 03-27-2009, 12:16 PM
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Being a outsider and haven't ever been to EB but seeing it's a state park I find it strange that the state would allow any type of commercial business at all in the park as it opens them up to liability big time. Here in RI we have a semi famous poleboard spot named Fogland and the town found out that a local shop was charging for rentals & lessons etc and they almost got chucked out and was forced to stop everything. (didnt bother me a bit as he tried to tell me kiting was outlawed there, i promtly showed him the center of my butt) Any comercial business being done on park land is not allowed unless it's permitted in. So I would say all you guys teaching and charging money & exp if you are advertising that are on thin ice and if the state feels that they are being subjected to liability (of which they are) you're going to be chucked out, they don't want to deal with permits etc. And as for local riders I would suggest strick kook police just like we do up north here, if you don't know what your doing your not kiting there period.

As Big D says go get a real job and enjoy kitesurfing without exploiting it and most likley screwing it up.
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Old 03-27-2009, 09:35 PM
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Exploiting it? Get a real job? Screwing it up for everyone?

Wow that's offensive. I know this thread is heated, and rightfully so. So many opinions that piss a lot of people off.

Are hang gliding instructors, skydiving instructors, race car instructors, ect. exploiting their sport? There is a NEED for good training. If no one trained anyone, and we all (instructors) got REAL JOBS, your problems would be solved????? The sport would be better off??? Are music teachers exploiting music??? I can't believe we are of the same species.

I busted my ass all day today, drove the entire length of the county (2hr), walked in knee high muck for miles, gave my clients a lift home, and helped get a new rider into the sport safely to come home to "I'm screwing it up for everyone".

Oh let's do the math.....was on the clock from 8:30-8:30, made about $200 bucks which the IRS gets around 45%, so net was around 110 bucks. Thats less than 10 dollars an hour.

Maybe I do need to get a real job and work for AIG and rape the country blind with my million dollar bonus for putting the country in the worst financial shape it has been in our lifetime. Are they hiring????

On a lighter note, was awesome FN wind today. Sunset was going off with super flat water and steady 25knot winds. Tony and I invented a new sport today. It's called tandem kitesurfing. Check it out sometime. It's gonna be the newest thing. Tony were going YOUTUBE with it. LOL

Ok now on to some serious business. Please check the thread ATTENTION NORTH COUNTY RIDERS.

13,000 hits and counting.....amazing!!! Steve your sure know how to stir things up, gotta give you that.

Last edited by Steve-O; 03-27-2009 at 10:43 PM.
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Old 03-28-2009, 09:19 AM
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should have known that a lull in the wind would bring these types of threads back..


glad i have stayed away.

glad no one got hurt.. that is most important.

people on this forum are typically experienced riders.. thats the problem with venting on here. the target audience is lost. many cycles of this same banter has come and gone and it still does not change the fact that you've got people showing up that do not take the sport seriously and have no understanding of its dangers.

the only way you can combat this is ON THE BEACH. forum posts do absolutely nothing.

btw.. that sign that was posted earlier in the thread is by no means "THE LAW"

I made that in photoshop one day and posted it.
Your mother flies a C-kite.

Area Launches:
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Old 03-29-2009, 10:29 PM
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Ah, glad to see the forum is still a drama pit.
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