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Old 05-10-2006, 11:08 PM
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Z-Most experienced riders will be in the gulf.Learning in the gulf is a lot harder/more dangerous due to waves,currents,beachgoers,etc.It is not recomendedYour best bet would be to try and book some time with Eagle for a downwinder.Its the quickest way to get up and riding.He will able to get you out to flat, shallow water where you can focus on learning the required riding/safety skills to make it in this sport.We are all atheletes in various sports, but this is kiteboarding. It takes most kiters 3 months to be able to ride upwind/jump, if they have gotten plenty of water time.Take your time and be safe.
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Old 05-12-2006, 08:52 AM
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"....the one near bayboro harbor Wink and saw a truck way at the south end with big ol signs on his truck "KITESURFING LESSONS".
I go do my sesh and as i'm packing up i see him launch a newb send him 2 the sand bar and then i was shocked2 c another newbs kite go up and start to walk out2 the sand bar... "

Well, I knew it wouldnt take long before I would be mentioned on the forums and only was refered to this one by a friend. I guess everyone has there opinion and has the right to express it. All I ask is for people to not jump to conclusions. Get the whole story before doing any kind of posting because people's reputations are at stake.

Lets see, Lassing Park. sand bar 300 yards offshore. Launch one person with own gear (not a student) who has completed all the appropriate lessons and knows all the safety protocols but did have to go through some grueling questioning before being assisted in launching. Other person, yes a student (one on one) who had completed all lessons leading up to board use. Star student in water relaunching, emergency releasing, and body drags. Again moving out to the sand bar 300 yards out to practice water starts and staying in the preassigned "play area".

Thank you for expressing your concerns and please continue to emphasize safety to all kiteboarders.
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