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Old 10-12-2009, 07:40 AM
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Thanks everyone for all the responses and good advice. I'm new here & didn't remember to "subscribe" to this thread, so it was good that "bigpimpin" PM'ed me about it.

I live near Boone, NC in the mountains. So, the nearest beaches are 5-6 hours from here. Thanks for ther names of other shops which give lessons, I'll check their websites for rates. Last spring I visited Ft Walton Beach, and the rates posted by the shop there wanted 300 per day for three days and $900 was out of my budget. It turned out to be too cold then anyway.

I liked Steve-O's advice about gaining as much skills before getting lessons, as I can. That is what I was thinking, and I'm glad to hear somebody else say to learn good basic kite skills and board skills seperately before spending time & money on lessons.

Some of you seemed to read my question as "Lessons are a big rip-off and I don't want to take em'."
But, that wasn't what I was saying or trying to ask.

I was trying to get advice about the best way to enter kiteboarding, and where I could find lessons for a "reasonable" price.

With zero "kite time" I realized that any lessons would begin with a lot of classroom/ground school type intro, and then hours of learning to launch, fly, & land the kite.

It seems like that would "consume" at least the first day or two, right?

So, I am planning to learn what basic equipment I need is and buy the smallest "real" kite to use as a trainer kite. It looks like a 4 meter is the smallest sized real kite. The "trainer" kites don't have the same lines or control bars, so seem to still leave you clueless about that important part of the gear. Sort of like trying to learn to drive a car using a go-cart!

Also, I know this is a bit of a tangent, but since I spend a lot of time on Lake Norman (big lake near Charlotte) in the summers I am thinking about trying to pull a catamaran with a bigger kite. That would be a way to get on the water with a kite, but not having to deal with the board. Also, since I'm an "old guy" (just 45) with a family, they can ride too. We can all take turns at the rudder and flying the kite. I figure the rope which normally clips onto your harness would be clipped onto the front of the boat. Also, I'd carry a trolling motor to get to the wind or to get back home.

That seems like a good plan for learning about the wind conditions, flying a kite, tacking to go upwind, etc. Plus I can carry a cooler & phone (just in case!!).

Can you guys steer me towards any good info about the bars & harnesses? The bars seem to come in a variety of sizes or spreads. Maybe a link, book, or video that is good which describes the equipment and basics of launching, landing, and general kite control?

I am not asking all of this so I can avoid taking lessons. I just want to be as prepared as I can when I do get to take my first lesson. I'd much rather be the student which the instructor is "wowed" by instead of the one who they feel sorry for...or rather I'd come on their day off!!

Thanks again for all the advice & tips so far.

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Old 02-28-2010, 09:46 AM
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If you want to do some prcatice before you have kitesurfing lessons the best thing to do is buy a small foil kite around 2m and become eally confident flying it so that you can do it with your eyes closed.
For board control practice the best thing you can do is some wakeboarding

kitesurfing lessons

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