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Old 03-12-2010, 10:26 AM
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Default 24 Hour Notice GCKBC

Attention Riders:

This is the official 24 hour notice for the 2010 Gulf Coast Kiteboarding Challenge sponsored by Watersports West and Water Monkey. Please read carefully.

The race info is also on FACEBOOK at Gulf Coast Kiteboarding Challenge. Follow this link:

REGISTRATION: Registering for the race can be accomplished a couple different ways.
1. You can register online at http://www.gulfcoastkiteboardchallen...formation.html

There you will find the ability to pay for the kiteboard and/or SUP race via PAY PAL. This will save you a few dollars and less hassle the day of the race.
Registration fees are as follows:

SUP Entry Fee: $25.00 Prepay via Paypal: $20.00
Kiteboard Race: $50.00 Prepay via Paypal: $40.00
Both Events: $55.00 Prepay via Paypal: $50.00

Online you will also find the “RULES FORM" AND A "LIABILITY FORM". The liability form must be signed and turned in at time of registration.

Please note that a few of the rules will be discussed here in detail and also discussed at the skippers meeting before the race.

2. There will also be an opportunity to register at the Sloppy Pelican this evening from 7:00 to 10:00. I and my wife Tammy will be on hand to register any folks that would like to take care of it then.

Please bring cash in exact change if possible.

The address to the Sloppy Pelican is:
Sloppy Pelican
677 75th Avenue
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
(727) 360-7100

There will also be an informal social at the bar tonight for anyone who would like to come down and enjoy some West Coast beach life.

3. The final option to register is race day March 13th. Organizers will be on hand to register any riders from 8am-10am at Sand Key Park in Clearwater.
This is also the location for the start of the race. Again please bring cash on hand and every intent to sign the liability form which will be on hand as well.

Day of Race Registration Cost is $50.00 for kiteboard and $25.00 for SUP Race. If you want to enter both races, entry is $55.00

Sand Key Park
1060 Gulf Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33767
(727) 588-4852

If you plan to park your car at Sand Key Park, you will need quarters to feed the parking meters.

RACE FORMAT: Saturday March 14th
This is a downwind race from Sand Key Park to the Island Inn Beach Resort in Treasure Island. Approximate distance is 16 miles.

There are 3 piers and 1 pass to navigate. South of John's Pass (the only pass) swim zones will begin. Riders will need to stay outside of buoys once south of John's Pass.
This is Spring Break, however, with water temps as cold as they are, it is not expected to see too many swimmers in the water.

This race course is only a few miles shorter than last year, but will give us the best overall experience throughout the day.

Last year’s winner and local, Mike Hall, completed the race in under 45minutes. He is the one to beat.

Start of Race: Sand Key Park
8:00am Final Registration begins
10:00am Final Registration ends
10:00am Skippers Meeting
11:00am Race Begins
1:00pm Kite and SUP demos begin at Island Inn Resort
4:00pm Awards Ceremony at Island Inn Resort
5:00pm Raffle to raise funds for All Children's Hospital

Party into the Sunset!!!!!!!

Food and drink will be available at the beach bar on site:

Starting location will be the same as last year's race, Sand Key Park in Clearwater. There is metered parking in the park with access to a change machine. Bring plenty of $$$ for parking especially if you plan to leave your car there for the day. Park will close at dark around 6:30pm.

We are not to rig anywhere on Park Property in Sand Key, therefore and flag will be placed just south of the park on the beach. All riders are asked to rig south of the flag.

Once registration and meeting is complete, riders will have 30-40 minutes to rig and ready themselves for the race.

Rigging may take place before the captains meeting. AGAIN, PLEASE RIG SOUTH OF THE PARK, SOUTH OF THE FLAG.

Kites may go in the air and enter the water anytime before the 11:00am start time.
Riders will find one buoy just offshore in front of the rigging area. Riders should stay anywhere North of this buoy prior to the start of the race.

At 10:58am, a 2 minute warning will be given with a RED FLAG on the beach in front of the start buoy.

At 11:00am, a GREEN flag will go up and a horn will sound to start the race.
At the 2 minute warning, any rider south of the buoy will be disqualified.
Any riders that want to wait and enter after 11:00am may do so if they wish.

The forecasted wind direction at the time of this notice is anywhere from W, WNW, NW.
If wind is true WEST, the nature of the coastline will present some challenges to this race. The first leg will be slightly upwind, then slightly downwind. (Let's pray for a little North in it)

Finish line is at:
Island Inn Resort
9980 Gulf Boulevard
Treasure Island, FL 33706
(727) 367-1926

Please only registered guest can park at the hotel. There is extra parking down the street.
There will be 2 buoys at the finish line. Riders will need to pass through these buoys and exit the water. Finish time will be marked once your feet have touched the sand and you have control of your kite.

Awards will be given for top 3 finishers in the following divisions:
Junior Division: 20 years or younger male or female
Open Mens: 21 years to 44 years
Open Womens: 21 years to 44 years
Masters Division: 45 years or older male or female
First Timers: Recognition will be give to the top 3 finishers for those that have never raced before.

Please keep area around finish line as open as possible to make for the safe exit of riders from the water. Land kites at least 50 yards South of the Finish Line. Volunteers will be on hand to assist in this.

Riders wanting to ride or demo gear after they race may do so, but must do so 50 yards SOUTH of the finish line.

Riders that pass the buoy will not be timed until they get through the buoy coming from the north and exiting the water.

The Island Inn is the FINISH LINE for the race. Tons of flags, canopies, and buoys will mark the finish. Also note the Island Inn resort is PINK and very tall. Blind's Pass is just south of the finish, so if you have traveled to a second pass, you have gone too far.


At no time should kites be flying over the beach during the race. Race officials will be scattered throughout the course to monitor this all important rule. With the onshore winds that are expected, this rule can easily be the demise of the challenge. Riders that break this rule will be disqualified.

There are buoys all along the coast, but the fastest lines are going to be inside these buoys. It is fair game to ride inside of them, but one must keep an eye out for the occasional swimmer or surfer that may be in the water. Please keep in mind that the buoys south of John's Pass are designated swim areas and riders must begin to stay outside of those buoys until the finish line.

When passing riders along the course, every attempt should be made to pass upwind of the kiter you are passing. The passing kiter should keep kite high, while the downwind rider should give right of way and keep kite low. Passing kiter should also make every attempt to pass at least one kite length upwind of the kiter they are passing.

Any kiter that has equipment failure or simply cannot finish the race need not to worry. Simply self rescue to the shore and start the process below to take the trolley to the FINISH LINE. You may also consider taking the trolley back to the starting line and drive your car to the finish.

Randy Radcliff and Bill Eastburn will be the last ones to leave the beach. They will be on the lookout for any riders needing assistance during the race.

Be courteous to the driver and other riders
-Have exact change, coins preferably, wet dollar bills are not a cool thing for the machine on the bus.
-Pack down as small as possible and look organized
-Keep your gear contained and under control on the bus so it does not swing around and cause concern for other passengers/the driver.
-DO NOT board the bus dripping water all over the place - this will be an issue. Either wait until you are dry and relatively clean...or bring a camping towel in a plastic bag to dry off a bit.
-You must have something on your feet. Socks, Flip Flops, or water shoe/bootie
-Clean as much sand from your gear as possible
-Trolley cost is $1.75 and must be paid in quarters

Any kiter that can't finish with their kite, must physically get to the finish via trolley or car to check in and be accounted for. With that said, any rider deciding not to race after registration must check in with race official to notify their intent "not to race". No refund will be given as this is a charity event.

This event is a charity race to benefit the All Children's Hospital. All proceeds from entry fee and raffle will go directly to the hospital. Please make every attempt to stick around for the festivites after the race. Demos, awards, and a raffle will take place at the Island Inn Resort after the conclusion of the race.

Let's raise some money!!!!!!!
Also, details will be given regarding the SUP race sponsored by Water Monkey during the Post Race Party. Race is scheduled for Sunday, March 15th.

We know this is a lot of detailed information, however, riders in past races have demanded more detail regarding the event. Any questions regarding the event should be directed to :

John Modica will be giving a Strapless Clinic on the beach at the Island Inn Resort.

Kiteboard Race:
SUP Race:

Thanks and pray for wind!!
Chris Moore
"We don't stop kitesurfing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop kitesurfing."
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Old 03-13-2010, 06:52 PM
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Default Be nice to get heads up on race

I heard the race was to start at 9am Sunday. I heard the race was on hold till further notice. It would be nice to get an update to see in writing what the deal is. Thanks.
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Old 03-13-2010, 09:38 PM
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Default Race update Postponed

Sorry Ken, for a delayed race update. Trying to make the right call.


Looks like the wind forecast for tomorrow has taken a unfavorable turn. We are putting this race into a holding pattern until hopefully next weekend. I really do appriciate everyone coming out today and having a great time with us on the beach.

Don't forget WaterMoney is still doing has SUP Race tomorrow morning across from Sloppy Pelican! 11 AM race start..

Thanks again and sorry about the wind today.

Please feel free to call me if you have any concerns that need to be addressed.
"We don't stop kitesurfing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop kitesurfing."
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Old 03-14-2010, 11:44 AM
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So may I still register online? And is there a new deadline?
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Old 03-15-2010, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by villin View Post
So may I still register online? And is there a new deadline?
I will leave the registration open until I see a favorable forscast.. The registration is now $50.00 since it now considered a late registration. It wouldn't be fair to all the riders who drove 5 to 6 hours to pay $50.00 to get skunked. http://www.gulfcoastkiteboardchallen...formation.html

I finally got in front of a real computer today so I will be updating and posting lots of information throughout the day.
"We don't stop kitesurfing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop kitesurfing."
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Old 03-15-2010, 10:22 AM
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Default Its gotta happen!

The wind gods were laughing at the largest skunk in Tampa Bay history!lol.....It was still a great weekend that finished up with some good SUP racing on Sunday. Thanks for the help with the race Chris, Tammy, and Julie! We have to think positive and know that there are some strong NW/W winds on the way!!!
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