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Old 08-04-2009, 03:58 PM
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Default Test

Hello Bruno,

I was hoping to use these photos in the article. Marina would need the highest resolution version that is available for printing purposes along with with photo credits and explanation of what is going on each photo.

The photo links from your website follow:
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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Old 08-19-2009, 10:22 AM
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The folks at the Pryde Group in Miami hold a retailers meeting every year. These are the folks that distribute Cabrinha, NPX, Neil Pryde and a great deal more to North and South America. This year it was on Key Biscayne near Miami, FL. They originally planned to have it a ways down the beach at another place. Unfortunately, the outfit was having some unusual issues and wasn't real responsive. The Pryde Group wanted a sure thing without embarrassing problems with the hotel venue. What was the solution?

Move things to the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne?! Yes, true story, they moved the event to the Ritz. A bit pricey but long on service and that is what they wanted for the attendees.

About 35 retailers came down to the Ritz on Monday to see what will be rolled out for the 2010 model year.

Folks came from 14 or so countries as I recall including a bunch from around the USA

Kent Marinkovic, President of the Pryde Group Miami operations, opened up the proceedings. Kent was followed by Josh "Rainmaker" Noe detailing great new water wear from NPX and Neil Pryde. After Josh came Todd Greaux and none other than Pete Cabrinha himself to describe what is new for 2010 from Cabrinha. This makes the tenth year Cabrinha has been in business manufacturing a broad selection of kiting gear. They have named 2010, the "Year of the Rider." Or put another way, it is about focusing on rider input to create innovations that matter.

Todd leads off for Pete

Pete launched a bunch of intriguing visuals from over the last decade, has it been that long? Lots of that stuff seems too familiar and recent. This is the first board ad Cabrinha ran way back in 1998.

I'll just touch on some of the information presented. There is a great deal on the Cabrinha website, up to date too at: Plus the images are a lot clearer than these captures from the projected media. Pete presented the Nomad, new for 2010. The Nomad is a non-bow hybrid IDS kite combines a moderate C shaped arc with an IDS bridle to deliver the fastest turning Cabrinha kite yet. The kite is designed with wave riding and throwing kite loops in mind.

Pete put up this interesting comparison of Cabrinha Bow and Hybrid kites vs. sweep and respective properties. Sorry for the fuzzy image, will try to get a clear one real soon.
Cabrinha has produced a series of bar charts to match the various kites to riding styles at:

Cabrinha has come out with some new developments for their IDS system including a shielded PU to reduce wear and tear. Also, the Quick Releases have been modified along with the optional retaining pin.

Cabrinha has brought a nice selection of twin tips, surfboards and skates to market for 2010. Something for everyone and all riding styles in there. They have these useful bar graphs that match the board (and kite) attributes to various riding styles. Such as at:

... and here is something really new for 2010, Standup Paddle Surfboards. Three different models in consideration of rider paddling style and weight. Again, apologies for the low light fuzz in the image. Hope to get a clearer one soon.

Josh Noe did an excellent overview of water wear from NPX and Neil Pryde (smooth rubber suits) ably assisted by Damien Leroy. There are a lot of products for USA and global distribution. Somehow, a short video of Josh sporting a perforated backside appeared in his Powerpoint?! A souvenir of a downwinder. I was surprised not to find a good shot of Josh from his presentation so I supplied this one from a 56 mile downwinder to Vero early this year in up to double overhead surf. Looking good.

More about NPX and Neil Pryde wear at: and

Be sure to make a nice order for neoprene boots with Josh, understand there is a whole ceremony for "booty calls."

After the new product presentations and hands on examination on the beach, things shifted to a reception at Adventure Sports Miami's store in Coconut Grove. It is located right across the street from Crook & Crook Marine Supplies.

A 180 degree view of the brand new ASM store.

More about the store at:

Pete chats with Oliver, nice topper Oli!

Fritz Otiker, Media Services dials in his lens

Damo and the crew dive into some foosball

Paula and Josh hang out with Maui. There's Karen just back from Brazil in the background.

Kent grabs a photo op with the folks that kept the evening running smoothly

Fritz got the folks together for a group shot, say "order!"

Next, out the door and down the block to dinner at Berries In The Grove.

Great food and company

Jeremy and John of Jupiter Kiteboarding and Standup

A great day and more to come tomorrow, there's even wind in the forecast! Thanks to all the folks at the Pryde Group and Adventure Sports Miami.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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Old 05-25-2010, 07:54 PM
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"2015 Cabrinha Gear From The Bahamas - Kite Overview, Bars & Radar - PART I"

I was fortunate to attend and shoot the annual dealer meeting and 2015 product presentation of Pryde Group Americas (PGA).
It was held at Old Bahama Bay, a resort at the extreme northwest tip of Grand Bahama Island. Not only did we have a remarkable
amount of gear to try, we even had some nice wind to use it in.

PGA presented products from the following brands are at the event:

There is a new day dawning to get into some hot new riding gear.

The venue for this great meeting, West End, GBI way in the upper left of this chart.
A classic water color of Grand Bahama Island by Wm. Johnson, JR.

This post follows two life style posts that explore the event, the island and a bit of the history of the area. These interesting threads can be found at:

2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part I and
2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part II

This post is devoted to exploring the 2015 kiteboarding gear offered by Cabrinha. There was an in depth product presentation provided
by Pete Cabrinha himself with interjections from other key team members including Michael Raper out of Hong Kong, the International
Division Manager at Cabrinha. We even heard from the design team via video. You will have a chance to view those comments in this article.

An overhead view of all the people who attended the dealer meeting and made it such a great success.

"Providing progressive kiteboading solutions for all areas of our unique sport is the driving force behind our 2015 program. Here is a little taste
of what's to come in 2015. Filmed and produced in the Hawaiian Islands, the birth place of Cabrinha kites." The second film is here
to help build the stoke, mood. As incredible as West End is in so many ways, this time of year there are typically few waves. Cabrinha has
graciously served some up from Hawaii. Enjoy, then more from the sunny, flat over white sand blue water paradise of GBI.

So, let's start with an overview of the Cabrinha kites for 2015.

All the kites for 2015 shown here ripping offshore in Maui.

They have six kites for the model year as shown above. Some model names like the Switchblade have been out previously while
others like the Radar are brand new this year. Cabrinha covers the spectrum of riding styles with these kites, each with both general
and specific ranges of applicability.

The kites vary in the degree to which they are swept back, with the Velocity BOW kite on the left having the most, with a lessening
gradation through the Hybrid kites, Radar through Drifter, ending with the least in the Chaos C-shape. Properties are described
above for the various shapes.

A comparison of various kite attributes.

Starting with the Radar, new for 2015.
Jump to Cabrinha website:

The Radar is an easy going, all around free style kite with remarkable ease of water relaunching.

An overview of and designer notes for the Radar kite

A Cabrinha promotional image from Maui of a formation of Radar's in action.

Paula and Conchy point out the abundant attractions of Old Bahama Bay and all the great gear ripping around.

Let's examine the control bar systems for 2015, things have become even simpler and faster!
Link to control bars on Cabrinha website at

The QuickLoop Bar with adjustable length on the fly

Cabrinha has rolled out for this year what may be the easiest and fastest quick release rearming system (with one hand),
the QuickLoop quick release system.

Pete Cabrinha from the beach in the Bahamas, will show just how quick and easy the system works. Also, an overview of the Cabrinha Overdrive control bar from Kittyhawk Kites.

Cabrinha has also brought a good short leash to market. Guess how many riders actually ride unhooked? I understand it is about 20%.
So the rest kiting with a suicide leash configuration aren't do themselves any favors whatsoever. It tangles more easily, gets in
the way and if you use it, you might go for a ride, backwards!? Things just got better for that 80 % of riders out there. A short, functional
leash that stays out of the way, in front of you.

Michael Raper shows off the system including the leash during the product presentation in the Bahamas.

The Race Quick Link bar developed for use with the Velocity kite. I understand the bar will work with all the 2015 Cabrinha kites however.

Jan Lucas Gianello walks out with the Quick Link.

Wait until you get to try some of this great new gear on the water, fun times!

Stay tuned, more to come on the 2015 Cabrinha Kiteboarding gear lineup in the next installment.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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