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Old 06-12-2006, 07:03 AM
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Default EB Sunday

Despite Jim getting injured Sunday. (My prayers are with you Jim) It was an exceptional day. I showed up just after it nuked and to see the Fire Truck, Rangers, and Sheriffs Dept attending to Jim. I checked with Jim and he says he was ok and he gave me the low down on what happened. That slippery muck has come close to getting me a few times out there too Jim.

I sat around trying to figure out what I was going to ride. I only brought 2 kites with me, the 15 ION and a 5 meter Naish. I am glad Billy let me me use his 9m ION. Paul and I kept switching off riding it and it felt the same as the 15 ION. I might be purchasing the 9 meter ION sooner than I expected.

After a while the wind really started to die off and I pumped up the 15 and headed out. That's when my fun really started. It was blowing around 15mph and increased up to 20+. I was starting to have a hard time holding it down. So I did what any other kiter would do when it's starts to get harry, and I threw a big ass jump. :shock: It felt like I jumped 20 feet but it was probably more like 10 feet. The cool part was, as I started to come down, I sheeted the kite back in and started going back up again. I have never experienced this before. I then came down soft as a feather and rode in and put my kite down. I didn't want to temp fate any more that day. 8)

I let Danny (Inferno) try the kite and I don't think he wanted to give it back.

Big props today go out to Josh, Billy and Jayson. You guys were doing some amazing $hit. Josh I felt bad that the helmet cam wasn't recording because that footage would have looked unreal. We will get it next time and I will have a better pack back for you to wear.

Let's keep Jim in our prayer and wish him a fast recovery. I plan on visiting him today or tomorrow depending how he feels.

Remember to ride safe and warn others of unexpected dangers.
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Old 06-12-2006, 07:44 AM
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i hit a floater jump as well.. it was right at the beginning of the big winds.. on a 12m waroo. pulled a couple HUGE jumps... i felt like i was 20 feet up but im sure 10 max. (i'll just say 20 tho..)

one in particular, got a gust mid jump and it pushed me straight up and i think i was in the air, without exaggeration, twice as long as any i have ever hit.

i'm still very much a novice, but having a day like that allows you to refine tequinique. i was doing smaller, very consistent jumps ... then crash landing the big ones when i just wanted to fly.

late afternoon i started learning backrolls w/o sending the kite and am now able to get completely around but fall short on getting my board back to the water.. rotation is there, just need to learn when to extened my legs back. i was so damn tiried to keep trying... next time.

Your mother flies a C-kite.

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Old 06-12-2006, 08:14 PM
Skyway Scott
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You guys are making me jealous. Sounds like an epic day.
I got to ride Matanzas with opposing current, but I wish I had 20+.

I did run aground on a barely exposed sand bar fully litt and make the local riders day with a humorous kiteloop to faceplant (Ebone taught me this crowd favorite) :x (Oh yeah, I got to wash Daryl's truck too.. joy of joys :roll: )
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Old 06-12-2006, 09:12 PM
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Learned kiteloops, and have been doing these sweet sent indy grabs where I turn my back to the kite and bone out the board... Those are my favorite
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