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I just saw an account of a nasty barracuda attack yesterday on a spearfisherman off Humpy Island in Keppel Bay, off the northeast coast of Australia in Queensland. His friend had already put a shaft into it but apparently it had enough capacity left to make a fast attack on the unlucky spearfisherman. Without the intercession of his friends the diver might not have made it with the potential severe blood loss. There is a potential downside with shooting any fish in terms of sustainability but also with something potentially taking an unhealthy interest in you. This spearfisherman blog in Australia strongly advises against shooting any barracuda which I don't recall having seen before but it makes sense on the odd real bad day.

Adreno has received this news story from a Yeppoon, Queensland customer. They have asked that names not be included. We have posted before about the dangers associated with spearing Barracuda, but we hope these pictures and the experience of these spearos over the weekend prevents further similar incidences from occurring. We advise that divers DO NOT spear Barracuda of any size. If you need to spear a Barracuda that attacks you, you should cut the shooting line immediately and get out of the water.

On Saturday myself and a couple of friends went on what we thought was going to be just another spearing trip. All three of us had been in the water for about 10 minutes when, out of nowhere, a medium sized Barracuda of about 10-12kg rushed at me so quickly that I freaked out and just pulled the trigger on it. It took off peeling line from my reel. It went straight past one of my dive buddies who was just out in front of us. After a minute or 2 of fighting, the Barracuda came back up around us and my dive buddy went down to put another shot in it. The fish was about 10 meters away, but as he stretched his arm out it raced up on him in the blink of an eye and latched onto his arm.

Instantly the water turned red. My dive buddy who was attacked was screaming and yelling, “What do I do?” I told him to get to the boat now and I called the other diver over as well. By the time we got to the boat it seemed the whole ocean was red from blood. We cut the line on the spear and got in the boat to see what the severity of the situation was."

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WARNING: There is a gory photo of the injury below, not for light viewing or for children.

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Rick Iossi

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