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Gotten used to cudas they are so common and usually fairly harmless. Then again, I don't spearfish! I can recall some January and February dives during cold fronts. The cuda's were nuts and super agro too. Whipping all over the place doing their rattle snake strung out on angel dust impersonations. Tell you what though, during a dive recently on the Duane, was treated to some unusually aggressive cuda behavior. I was free diving, deep at times too down to 120 ft.. You can't afford to have a lot mess with your head during a serious breathhold. Still, some of the touchy aspect was caught on video, still more on the editing room floor.

You know all the conventional wisdom about avoiding negative shark encounters diving, avoid fish schools being worked, wearing shiny stuff, having blood in the water, oh, and making sure Paul isn't too close by! Not at least unless he is sporting some of those fish tees to hand out.
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