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Default Re: Kiteboarding in the FL Keys??

Originally Posted by *F-BodyFanatic*
Hey there... I have a few questions regarding kiteboarding in the FL Keys area...

I have a shallow draft boat and I'm heading to the Key West area to do some kiteboarding. What area is considered Back Country and what is considered Flats (which I heard is good for kiteboarding)?? Where exactly IS the Key West Back Country?

Has anyone gone kiteboarding north of Boca Chica Key, Big Coppitt Key or the Saddlebunch Key? How was it??

North of Sugarloaf and Cudjoe Key looks like it might be worth checking out... anyone been riding there? I'm really interested in checking this area out...

Thanks in advance for any info! 8)
If you have a boat, all of Florida Bay opens up to you. Head west through one of the many boating channels that are located throughout the Keys, find a shallow area away and ideally downwind from the channel a reasonable distance away from the Keys/traffic and near one to the very common grass covered shoals and you are in business. The "flats" start just below mainland Florida, west of the Keys and extend almost all the way to the Dry Tortugas. Pickup a NOAA navigational chart that shows detail off the Keys and you will see what I mean. If you are riding the Florida Bay side a mile or more from the Keys there is a good chance you will be the only boat kiteboarding so I wouldn't try to find the regulars spot. They are spread fairly thinly over the hundreds of square miles of rideable area these days.

Just check it all out, tons of flats ...

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