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Default Kitehouse Miami lessons

The Kitehouse Miami believes in teaching all new kiteboarders these basics BEFORE they begin to ride the board:
1) Self Rescue- a must for any rider
2) Setting up the kite with bar and lines
3) Launching and Water relaunching the kite
4) Flying the kite- one handed and two handed
5) Depowering the kite- from releasing some power to killing the kite completely- always use a kite leash
6) Body dragging- both downwind and upwind
7) Board retrival- never use a board leash
8) Body dragging with the board in hand- both upwind and downwind
9) Putting the board on the feet while keeping control of the kite

After these step we work on riding both directions, and eventually riding upwind both directions. These are the basic steps we believe all kiters and students should know before they attempt kiting by themselves. Unfortunately some instructors miss some of these steps by hurrying to get their students on the board.
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