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No need to be in the water or even spearfishing. Cudas are bringing the battle of who catches whom to you, on your boat. Seriously though, I hope 13 year old Parker heals fully and fast from this bizarre encounter.

He was fishing with his father off Port Orange, FL when he saw a barracuda near the surface. He changed his rig and cast the bait out to it. The fish took the bait and worked around the boat when his father yelled "watch out!" The five foot, 60 to 70 pound cuda had launched itself out of the water striking Parker, lacerating his arm and chest. The father tried to stop Parker's bleeding wrapping his arm in a towel. At one point he commented "Dad, Iím gonna die." His dad assured him he would be ok and worked on getting him back to shore pronto. They were about 15 to 20 miles offshore at the time and out of cell phone contact with help. The boy was transported to two hospitals for treatment. Two surgeries and 27 staples and 17 stitches later Parker is working on healing. We wish him the best in this. He said he will still go fishing, just not for barracudas.

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This has happened before and off Florida. There was another case involving a seasick 14 yr. old girl 4 miles offshore of Venice, FL in 2010. Her father was shark fishing and a 4 ft. cuda after going after his bait launched into the boat and lacerated the poor girls arm. The dad reportedly killed the cuda with a fillet knife and brought it back to shore, for ... ?

The girls seems pretty traumatized and the dad seems a little too happy considering what just happened to his daughter? She must have had her 51 stitches put in after this was taken? Bizarre to say the least.

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Moral: when you fish for cudas you may get more than you bargained for.

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