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Originally Posted by The Kite House View Post
Do the people who are teaching have no conscience that are putting someone in harms way? Teaching at hobbie?

Man maybe i am getting to upset at this anymore, but i can see if you teach some one bad habits and they think is a safe area, then they go anywhere and do the same thing. Cant really blame the rider, if they learned on shore with riders around and could hit the parking lot. Sounds like a survival course, more than kiteboarding.....i dont know, does anyone else feel this way or am i just a raging kook.....ok, well back out to the water.
Well put, Paul. Students will do exactly what they are taught at the places they are taught. (Monkey see, monkey do) It is a fact and been an issue everywhere for years. Site evaluation, gear selection, weather conditions, safety systems/ procedures, should all be understood by the student PRIOR to flying a kite, and demonstrated/practiced by the student throughout their lesson. The true reward of being an instructor is not how much money you made that day or if you sold them some gear. It is watching them progress into a safe, independent kiteboarder and ride away from the beach with confidence, knowledge, and respect for Mother Nature/ fellow kiters.
I let every one of my students know about this site and encourage them to read every bit of it. We are lucky to have guys like Rick looking out for us and spreading the word about safe kiting.
Thanks Paul, Rick and all the others who promote safe kiting!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
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