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Skyway Scott
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I feel the same way, Paul. I actually appreciate hearing guys like you, Ken and others stating these ideas on the forums for others to read.
The message needs to get out there to not put up with obvious kooky behavior and stand up for your spots. The more riders that agree to this, the easier it is to have agreement among the riders and carry out a "plan of attack" on kooky behaviors.
Sometimes things aren't black and white, and I am not going to claim to understand how to deal with those situations.
But when it is obviously a kook move, I think the behavior should be stopped. Gray areas are fuzzy. Obvious kooky behavior shouldn't be tolerated, imo. Land jumping just upwind of power lines sounds pretty kooky. Launching in parking lots sounds pretty kooky.

You are not raging-out, Paul. I would love to see you, Kent, Rick and others be even more vocal about steps we can all take and agree to on this forum to insure we have all of our spots for a long time.

It's not about stopping the fun or killing the stoke, imo.
It's actually about insuring we can have fun and get stoked for a long time to come.

BTW, it hasn't been too common to see really kooky stuff here lately, but when we do, it needs to be stopped, not watched.
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