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Thanks for the information Kent. I wonder how many folks have been injured at Hobie or came perilously close to it over the years by:

1. Flying or riding with a kite too close to shore and inside the swim buoys.

2. Underestimating the gusty and frequently squally winds that come with SW conditions.

Add to that no practice hitting quick releases, functional kite leashes and the list goes up even more.

We really do need to step up and as tactfully and effectively as we can try to preserve our access. Take a few guys over and talk with the kiter creating issues. If one of these idiots gets lofted or dragged hits you, a loved one or your car, you may find reason to intercede, too late.

I had a leaping gnome get lofted off the water and blown into a car 15 ft. away from me, closer still to my now wife and do about a $1000. damage to a parked car. He didn't get a scratch out of it. This was probably six years ago, I think Kent and Neil were there as well and may have their own recollections. What has changed, awareness, even among some instructors? Doesn't seem to be the case, get a clue before the opportunity to get thrown on the barbeque comes along.
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