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I showed up just after the ambulance I guess. I don't know much about that one, but I understand that it might not be too bad. I hope we hear soon. I did see that second one though. The guy from Pompano was riding very close to the beach and got pulled into a trash can. his kite was looping just over the bike path. This guy was very lucky, but didn't even seem to know that he just got a get out of jail free card.

I didn't end up riding, but i can say that no one but Garry and his girl were riding in the right spot. The rules as laid out 2 years ago are simply that you must launch your kite well offshore and all riding must be done outside of the swim buoys. There were mainly riders from Pompano and Lauderdale and even some schools. Even the instructors were riding way too close. At least it is nice to see that Miami isn't the only home to schools that are risking their futures by dangerous riding that will likly result in banned beaches.

I guess that the only thing that may save us is if all of us take charge of our beaches. If you see something wrong, let the rider know. It isn't just up to Tim or others. If you like riding at a particular location and want to keep doing it, stand up and let people know the rules. Launching or waking with a kite in the parking lot probably deserves a good ass kicking, but to start, firmly ask the offender not to do it. If they do it again, recommend that they ride elsewhere. This continually happens at Matheson. If you buddy is riding inside the marks, let them know. We all need to be a part of protecting our beaches. In most cases the offender probably didn't know the rules and would appreciate the advise.

It's going to be a windy start to this week. Let's make sure that we all have beaches to ride at next week! See you on the water.

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