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For some historical average wind info along the coast of Florida over several years. The red range shows the average range for that month with the upper and lower dots, the gust extremes.

NOTE; these are AVERAGE winds, actual winds will be above, below and within these ranges depending on the weather moving through at the time. Warm season patterns are distinctly different from patterns in the cooler months.

For St. Augustine (I think this year has been a bit better than shown):

For the Cape Canaveral buoy, also way offshore in stronger winds:

for Lake Worth up the coast from Ft. Lauderdale

For Fowery Rocks about 7 miles offshore, where the winds are usually stronger anyway. The land reduces wind speeds frequently.

Down in the Keys off of the north central area:

Off of Key West:

Off Venice in SW Florida:

Off Cedar Key, north of Tampa:

Off the Panhandle of Florida near Dauphin Island:

Data is from:

Check forecasts and warnings at:

For still more wind data realtime as well as archived historical data be sure to checkout:
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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