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Post Sanibel kiteboarding rules

Sanibel, kiteboarding rules

The Sanibel Lighthouse launch represents a UNIQUE kiteboarding launch in this area particularly for easterly winds. Our numbers have grown too great to reliably maintain our privilege to ride here without some rules. A few complaints or incidents and we could lose access; we need to work to avoid that from happening. Please read these rules and help enforce them for the sake of all of our access.

1. Kiteboarders must setup launch and land within the designated area. Wide kiteboarding corridors located 50 to the east. To the east of the entrance to the beach

2. Always yield the right of way and be courteous to bystanders. Work hard to avoid complaints that could see kiteboarding stopped at this unique launch.

3. If you are an inexperienced kiteboarder this is not a recommended riding area. It is too easy to end up downwind and off island adrift.

4. Kiteboarding instruction is not recommended here given crowding and poor layout for downwind riding.

5. Line kites up on the beach in parallel and wind up your lines leaving a space for bystanders to walk along the beach.

6. No kite jumping or kite flying on the beach, use the beach to lunch and land

7. Kite 50 from shore AWAY FROM SWIMMERS ; approach the beach to land your kite

8. Help other kiteboarders to lunch or land

9. (Suggestion) all kiteboarders should be certified.

10. Kiteboarders respect windsurfers, stay 20 away from them on the water, Exercise the right of way rule with windsurfers and kiteboarders.

These rules were put together from kiteboarders to kiteboarders to protect the right to kite in Sanibel help enforce them for the sake of all of our access

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