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Originally Posted by danpooler View Post
just started riding and wondering if islamorada is a good place for a beginner? the winds will be east this weekend and its tough to learn in onshore winds I would imagine....

Anyone know more information about the Islamorada launch area? key biscane seems to require a type III cert. I don't have that... I'm new to kiting but not new to wakeboarding...



Hello Dan,

I assume you have already gone through kiting instruction, correct? If not, find a good instructor and take adequate quality lessons. It is too easy to get hurt in this sport, damage gear and potentially our access by doing otherwise.

You are right, new kiters shouldn't even try to go out in onshore winds particularly in waves. It is largely a waste of time until they can ride upwind and potentially dangerous.

In Islamorada, east is side onshore, also there are few waves which should boost your learning progress. So, once you are out it could be a good place to work on basic technique. Also, they are forecast to have stronger winds (on the order of 20 kts.), than mainland SE Florida. You need to forget about normal beach launching techniques in most of the Keys (no beaches) and practice something akin to boat launching with an assistant in the shallows. The first time down there you would do well to hookup with Brad or Noel for some instruction on local conditions and practices to move you along faster.
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