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Thumbs up instant messaging on this forum

To free up the space on the forum
Rick and I have introduced instant messaging for chit chat.
You can have the same user name as long as it is not reserved by any1 else.(just go to to reg your user name)
Or you can remain anonymous.

main Im area

It works like this. (and works on any web site)

Say you wanted to just chat to riders in the Bahamas on the Bahamas forum
You would go to the Bahamas forum and in ,in-between the http:// and the www or fksa put in it will look like this

If you where on kiter buz it would look like this then add the in between the http:// and the www or if there is no www just put in in front of the fksa to make it work it will look like this.
And will work for instant messaging only on this section of the forum.
to make it work on other sections of the forum if you want to IM on another section just put in inbetween the http:// and the www or fksa to start you IM
As I said it works on any web site and on any section of the forum.
No frills…very basic.
Remember if you do not register on you will be an anonymous user.
Try it out and see.
If you have any questions please PM me and I will be happy to help.
Aj Watson
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