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I went out tonight after work for a while. I first looked at the color radar and noticed a large, 70 mile plus long corridor free of squalls. The area to the south over the Keys and Miami-Dade County was quite a different matter as you can see.

I went off of Delray underneath the "95" symbol below West Palm Beach.

I also checked the realtime wind on to see if any unstable high wind gusts or direction changes were going on. Didn't see any here, this station reads about 4 to 5 mph higher than Delray by the way. So, between the color radar, the long free corridor of squalls and fairly stable realtime winds I had at it.

Different story further south in Miami. How would you like to be rigged for winds at around 4 pm, say with a 14 m. Lets say you stay out until 5.30 pm to get spiked by a 50 mph+ squall gust? You might get some great air but then there is the landing to think about, well inland and likely against something hard.

Things went off at Crandon this evening as well as well as throughout the Keys with dangerous gusts in frequent squalls.
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