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Originally Posted by ryansurf1
Rick, can you point me towards a site that i can get a radar image for earlier this evening.....I want to see what we were hit with this evening...say 6:30 - 7:00....

I checked the radar as i ran out the door late today.....looked clear from MIA past Jupiter....with a line that looked well offshore 40Miles?...looked like it should have skirted us at Palm Beach Island....but it didn't....

watched some clouds get dark and light around the edge....real low....ugly looking shit....4 of us hit the beach within a minute of each assisted landing and 3 to leash....12M's & an 8M

It went from about 20-25 to 50+ in less then a minute......and lasted a few minutes....

spooky....haven't been that close or hit that hard in a long time....lesson learned....again....

I hope everybody ridng the last few days in Fl has faired well.....there have been some ugly spikes
Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out the GIS NWS application that MAY have fairly good resolution archived radar images. There is an internet site but the resolution is very poor. I normally try to grab images from the following two sites as soon as possible:

I just checked and it looks like there is something nasty blowing through your area now, but I can't find traces from 3 or so hours ago.

I did catch some nasty spikes on ikitesurf at Jupiter that probably represent what hit you guys.

I am glad you guys were watching approaching weather and reacted before the squall gusts hit. It is always good to look to where the clouds are coming from on a regular basis and to note any changes. The clouds that brought 50 mph gusts last night were not that evil looking at all. They were just a bit darker from what had been blowing through all day.

Checking color radar before you go out helps but as you experienced things can change. I check the color radar on my telephone just before setting up and on the odd break.

Riding in areas under the influence of tropical weather systems, particularly hurricanes always carries higher risk. The internet aids can work to reduce it but some will still be there. If nothing else the riding conditions can be fairly challenging. All that heavy irregular surf in our area combined with pronounced lulls and gusts even without squalls.

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