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it shoud be... but it's too good of a spot to teach lessons! just kidding.

seriously, if you go there just watch the weather and don't jump near the beach. also, it is your obligation as an experienced rider that enjoys riding in S. Fla to police this beach venue. if you see someone that needs help (but doesn't know it), help them. if they are clearly not ready for this location, let them know.

if you see people teaching from the beach or with in at least 5 line lenghts of it, suggest that this is not a good spot or a good day for teaching at hobie. remember that the student wouldn't know that the teacher is putting them at risk. just look at the last incident in Brazil with a school teaching on the beach in a poor location. this really wasn't the students fault, it was the schools if the incident report was accurate.

at any rate, have fun out there but let't do our best to police this area and keep it open.
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