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Thanks! Often you would have options further north on the mainland, it just doesn't look like it right now. It's been great up here on the SE mainland for a while but it's ebbing now. There are launches all up and down there Keys including north of Islamorada. Pretty much anywhere you can legally figure out where to park, find walking access to the water, prerig your lines and wrap them back on your bar, inflate your leading edge and roll it taco style and your good to go. Walk out into the shallows on the east or Florida Straits side, pump it up do an assisted launch and off you go. Hundreds of miles of riding area just opened to you.

As you're from out of the area, may not be used to doing this sort of thing and may not have an assistant, Whale Harbor in Islamorada or later perhaps Anns Beach a bit further south are probably your best bets. Sunday you might want to head down to Key West if conditions look good there. The extra driving time will probably be worth it to Hope you get some good wind, have fun.
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