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Todd Essick wanted to try something different from sports photography for the wire services. So, he took a diving course, bought the first of tons of UW camera gear and set out to capture some new and varied compositions. He focuses on model compositions both clothed and nude, underwater often with sealife.

This was shot off Nassau a few years ago

All photos by Todd Essick

The logistics in such shoots can be overwhelming as unexpected animal interactions with costumes can be at times. That is one core water woman, seems to be containing things fairly well considering she's holding her breath, is at least 20 ft. beneath the surface and a shark is tangled in her outfit banging up against her trying to get out. The shark may have been attracted by glittering small sequins attached to the netting. Great model and athlete. Just noticed a rope tether holding her down to the wreck. We can see what was going on but without a mask, shark tangled from behind, she wouldn't be able to see exactly what was going on. All this plus secured underwater by her ankle, what an athlete and strong constitution! More about the shark issues during this shoot at:

The challenges of shooting free diving models, absent regulator exhaust, with natural expressions and poses, largely blind with all the varied light and conditions underwater are immense.

Todd and his skilled models/water women pull it off though.

Some of Todd's more recent work at Neptune Memorial Reef off Miami, FL

Above photos from

All photos by Todd Essick

Todd created a collection of his work in book form with many intriguing underwater photographs. It can be a good gift for water people or folks with an appreciation of unusual, well crafted images.

Copies are available at:

Todd Essick at DEMA 2009

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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