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Hello Saul,

We're still in the off wind season currently. The cold fronts should pick up in November or so bringing more regular wind with their passage. For now rideable wind is more hit or miss. Larger kites usually do better in the lighter conditions. In winter we can sometimes have strong winds, 20 to 25 kts. plus but less commonly. Jupiter/Juno can have great waves which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you are used to. If you aren't out in waves much IF larger waves are coming through due to local or distant winds, getting out can be challenging. You will want to start small (waves) and work your way up over time. Water conditions are still warm, a rash guard is about all you might want, transitioning to a shorty, then a full suit, perhaps even a 4/5 in stronger cold fronts in a few months. There is a good local shop for information, lessons if you like to help tune into local conditions at

You can follow local wind prospects, predicted and real time along with livecam images of the area at:

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