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From scanning through and reading everyones post it looks like some thing has to happen to insure that the riding spots stay open. I think that Tom, Bryan, Josh, Steve and SOME others have valid points.

Some of the riders have positive things to say and others just want to immediately shoot others down. Some want to over regulate when others want there to be little to no regulation.

I RESPECT all of it.

The last time I was at EB I had a kiter slam there kite in front of me and I rode right through the middle of there kite. I felt bad bc there kite was wrecked but at the same time I was upset that the beach has gotten so over crowed and unsafe.

Whats the answer?

There has to be a balance between having regulation and not having to pay when you want to go and ride at a public park.

Get a board of people that want to volunteer there time to set regulations and then have the riders of the area vote on what they think is right through online forums.
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