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Lifeguard Daniel Lund Honored

"Lifeguard in Wednesday's shark-attack rescue a 'hero,' colleagues say

Years after a shark ripped into his leg and ankle, Daniel Lund became an ocean lifeguard.

The consummate "water man," he grew up on the ocean and loved it too much not to accept its inherent risks. In that sense, Lund, 46, had something in common with Stephen Schafer, 38, the well-known surfer whose life he tried to save Wednesday off Stuart Beach.

Lund's fellow lifeguards described him as highly skilled and compassionate. They said no one was better equipped to handle what unfolded that day after a shark attacked Schafer as he was kiteboarding about a quarter-mile offshore.

To bring Schafer in, Lund paddled into bloody, shark-infested waters, ignoring the risk to himself.

"If I'm out there and I'm bleeding real bad and I'm scared, I want a guy like Dan Lund to show up," said lifeguard Mike Mammen. "He's a hero in my book.""

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Daniel Lund awarded Metal of Valor by USLA:

Video interview of Daniel Lund:

Daniel after his own shark attack in 1986

Daniel Lund today
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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