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Default I would go with the F-One.

I actually have a pretty good deal on the F-one Bandit 3. Probably better for a beginner than the Bandit 4. A little more of a delta shape, a little less C.

Here are the details. Let me know if you have any questions.

2010 F-One Bandit III 11m Complete: Retail is $1649. wind range is huge (12 to 25 knots for 175 lb rider). Absolutely awesome kite.

Special price of $1099 for kite, bar, line and bag. Excellent condition. Used 2 times and is still crinkly and new feeling. Color is white and blue.

Will do $875 for Kite and bag only. Can be used with any 4 line bar with equal line lengths. (obviously will need proper attachments (male / female) at end of lines).

Shipping less than $25 for both complete and kite only.
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