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Default East Coast aerial shark video.

West Palm News at has some incredible video of the amazing number of sharks in the water near the area where the attack took place. They were taken the next day. Here are a couple of stills taken from that video. If you go down in the water, either falling or if the wind dies, I don't see how someone would have a chance of not being bitten. With that number of hungry predators competing for food, I don't think it matters what goes in the water. From the autopsy reports, they said that the flesh didn't appear to be torn, so it doesn't appear that the sharks were interested in consumption, probably only investigatory bites from a large competing group. It would be great if, along with the wind and waves forecast, there could be video like this to alert people of the shark density. I only hope that during the paddleboard ride back to the beach, Stephen's mind was at peace knowing that someone had rescued him from the horror that he had been through.
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