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Skyway Scott
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I think that illustrates clearly why you should never leave the water in the first place to land a kite in hairy wind. "Distance is your friend" in my mind has always meant distance from shore. Once you hit land, you are no longer safe, whatsoever.

If anyone ever gets caught in a strong gust while on the water in the future, please let coming ashore be the last thought on your mind.
If you know people are ready to land you, make every effort to have them grab your kite at water's edge, while you remain in the water.

If no one is onshore to grab your kite and you are getting pulled close to land, release the kite to it's safety line (some kites are 5th, some rear, some front) before you hit shore. Then be ready for the kite to light up (spin around, do weird stuff). If it does look like it is going to whack you, release your leash and say "bye bye" to the kite before it gets the chance. Do everything possible to avoid making contact with land with a "live kite" in heavy wind. The video shows clearly that any distance (would 1,000 yards have mattered?) on land with a live kite is not safe in really strong wind.

I really hope this rider survives. It's hard to believe he only had bruises and "maybe some broken bones" as mentioned in the news.
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