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had a session in Ft Lauderdale on Friday. Was stuck in West Palm with no gear so I went online and found a guy who rented kiteboarding equipt. Met up with him at Hollywood Beach about 12 hours after Katrina went thru. Was 20-25 SE with 4 ft surf. He only rented North which wasn't bad stuff but difficult conditions to start out with unfamiliar everything. Throw in a crowd on the beach and in the water and my fat gut after windless summer - lets say it was fun but pretty intense.

Seemed like a pretty cool crew over there. Damian from East Coast Kiteboarding (and his sexy wife) were very nice and helpfull.

Would be nice to have my own kites again one day ;-) and definately need a golf bag for up and coming trip to DR. Yes - my horrible wife bought me trip to DR in a few weeks so better decide quick if anyone out there wants to tag along.

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