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my 12 is my bread and butter kite.. when i get to ride my 12, the conditions are (my preference) optimal.. ( i weigh about 195 to 200lbs)

my 9 usually only gets used in 20+.. late teens for some days if its expected to pick up. tho if the 9 can over a few more knots I would love to always be riding the smallest kite for the conditions.

seems that most my riding has been on my 16 as of late.. wind not perfect for the 12.. but the 16 is often too big/slow to have fun beyond some floaty jumps and stuff.. i can usually loop that beast w/o issue..

thinking the 13/9 combo might be the perfect quiver.. keep my 16 for the light wind days.. keep my 12/9 old waroos for backup.. (not worth too much on the market)

my 2006 9m is still in amazing condition minus the replaced bridle. canopy is perfect and i love the hell out of the kite..
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