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Tom Stock
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I agree. I think anything between the 9 and 15 might be overlap. I do keep my 12 around though because if it's gusty, I find I have to work the little 9 alot to keep the power on so a 13 may not be a bad idea, especially since the low end of the 13 will probably cover the range of the 15 anyway.

If it's consistent, I can ride the 9 all the way down to 15 and still be jumping and having fun (well you saw it at EB that day).

I would start with just the 9m and ride it for awhile before you pick the next size. Everyone rides differently so the ranges can be different... for example some guys like to ride fast all the time and unhook a lot .. they will need less kite due to apparent wind than someone who likes to ride slow, locked down but still feel fully powered. I don't know where you fall in there so you'll have to try it out.

I can say though that without a doubt my unhooked riding as improved significantly since I got the 9m. Last I heard Daryl at extreme has been riding it exclusively... they can't pry it out of his hands. Thats sort of how I feel about it too. If I can't ride the 9 I almost don't even want to ride.
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