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Skyway Scott
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I don't think you can go wrong with the 9m 'roo, Bryan.
In my opinion, it's the cherry in the quiver.

When I hopped on the 11m right after the 9m, I noticed a fairly obvious drop in "awesomeness". The 11m was still very good by most standards, but wasn't as sweet as the 9m, which is insane, imo.

Rick, if you are liking that 13, I strongly suggest you try the 9m for above stated reason.

Bryan, I would start by getting the 9m and figuring out it's low end. This will enable you to answer Rick's question.
I think you might be surprised. I am fairly confident Tom is dropping the 12m out of his quiver, hopping from 16m straight to 9m.
I know I did, and drop down from my big kite straight to the 9m at about 17 knots.
I don't see a need for a 12m kite anymore. Definitely DON'T get a 9 AND and 11m Waroo.

Is 13 as big as you are gonna go?!
Even Donna has a 15m Hyper... lol.
If a big kite is fast and performs like most 2007 11m kites, with an insane top end, may as well.

Anyway, free advice, from a guy who won't profit or lose from your decision.
I am sure my preferences are highly bias by my riding style, which is just a little bit of everything, all semi reasonable, but not great.
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