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Default Warooo!!!

I have flown the 9 about 3 times, and I have to say that kite is the shiznizz! Fast, lots of range, loads of power, very stable unhooked! I have flow the 13 2 times and that kites is pretty sweet too! I thought it was a tad slow for my taste but I am not sure what settings it was on, but it still was fast enough I just would of liked it if it was a bit faster. Very smooth, it also had a lot of power too, and very smooth unhooked. Honestly if it was not for the Royal kites I have now I would be flying this years best kites. If you want to talk to someone that has flown the Waroo and the Hp a lot in each size you should talk to Wayne at That is all he flys and has a lot of time on them. Also if you send a PM to a sandibottom on the forum, he has a lot of time on the 08 Best stuff too. He flys all Nemis, but has ridden the 08 waroo a lot too.
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