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Tom Stock
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LF boards (generally) have waaaaaay too much rocker for flat water. They are also pretty heavy. I've never ridden one I liked. Some people like them but some people haven't ridden much else either

It's a good board for a nice fully lit down winder in massive chop so it's worth keeping but my advice is to find a nice flat board (not much rocker) with a lot of concave for going fast and working your way upwind.

You should also avoid boards where the tips curve up without a release edge. The best float comes to mind. The board will get up and plane easily and goes up wind very well, but the tips cause it to have a very limited top speed because the water doesn't release. Instead it pulls the back of the board down into the water creating suction drag... you can actually feel it. It feels like someone left the parking brake on.

I used to really love my float, but the new Flexifoil, aggression, underground, and Nobile boards make it look like it's from 1998. I built and rode my own version (copy) of the Flexi and then rode my friends float while letting him try the board ... yuck I hated it. Funny how perspective changes.

You want something which will get up on a plane fast, build speed, and keep it... so you can build apparent wind.

So 130ish x 39 to 42 with very little rocker (around 1" total rocker).

Just curious, how much rocker is in your liquid force? 2"?
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