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Originally Posted by mocean View Post
whats up shuman.?
Originally Posted by mocean
you can't expect me not to react to your post.
I don't swear on any forums.
I don't know what your problem is ,but I have had enough of your mood swings.
I have allways been there to help you out when I can , sell you cheap gear when I have it and give you rides to the beach when your carless.
it allways seems like it not what you can do for me it's what I can do for you.
and to be honest I've had enough of trying to be your friend.
if you have a problem don't be bitchy about it man up and say somthing.
why PM me this message, why not post it up so all the other kiters see,
you called yourself my friend then you through all the stuff you've done for me back into my face, some friend! with this PM you've showed me that you
was never my friend and who knows what other bull POO you said about me behind my back . I see you even reported me to the FKA,it's all good, might was well delete me from this forum too cause i'm not coming on here again. Thanks for showing your true colors!

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