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Default car pool from st. pete - got room for one rider..

I have room for 1 rider and gear ..
leaving house at 7am SHARP. not there .. we leave ..seriously...(driver has to get to work)

call me at 813-376-zero seven eight nine... for info..

i live in st. pete near 43rd street and 5th ave north

first to call gets the spot.

we are being dropped off.

I am leaving my truck at bongos tonight ... I CANNOT promise that I will be able to get you a ride back to my house.. I am planning on finishing, having some food and a drink and then heading home ASAP.

As well.. if i have to bail on the race I dont want anyone depending on me for a ride home..

if you bring more than 1 kite (recommended) I will get that back to you ASAP.. prob over the weekend unless we can arrange differently..

BUT.. when I am leaving I can probably carry 3 or 4 riders back to St. Pete area. I will make sure I let people know when I am leaving Bongos..

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