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Default How Many Kites and Kiters?

SBC Kiteboard surveyed kite manufacturers throughout the world in Fall 2006 to arrive at some numbers about kiters and kites out there.

Ever wonder how many kites are sold around the world and across the U.S.? How about the percentage of Bow/SLE kites vs more traditional C kites. SBC Kiteboard editor John Bryja conducted the most in-depth worldwide industry survey in 2006 to get the most accurate industry numbers to date. Very detailed non-disclosure agreements were signed protecting the individual brands details, but what emerged for the industry wide totals were very sought after information by all of the industries movers and shakers. SBC Kiteboard is pleased to be able to provide these numbers to our readers.

As of September 2006
Total Kiteboarders: 210,000
Kites Sold: 114,465
Bow/SLE vs C: 68/32

US and Canada
Total Kiteboarders: 39,600
Kites sold: 23,608
Bow/SLE vs C: 78/22

*2008 Update
Industry leaders place the participation rate growth between 35% and 50% and sales growth at well over 10%. SBC Kiteboard will be updating the survey information later in 2008 for an accurate snapshot of the kite industry this year. Look for the results in the Fall 2008 issue of SBC Kiteboard magazine.
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