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Default Great White Shark Dogs Spearfishermen off Deerfield Bch., FL?

I came across this on FB ...

"A 14' great white ate Dale's 80 lb. amberjack off the back of Paul's boat off Deerfield about half an hour ago. Dale had liftbagged the AJ to the surface. Paul and Eric had a tug of war with the GW at the back of the boat but never got a photo because they realized that Dale was still in the water doing deco without a gun (because he had lift bagged it with the fish). They slid a gun down Dale's marker line to him. Dale hit the surface wondering why they sent him a gun as he never saw the shark. They told him: "Get in the boat!""

"Here's a deck shot taken next to Paul's foot that gives a pretty good indication of the great white's bite radius."

That is a nice sized bite radius and may be consistent with a shark around 14 ft. long. With normal magnification, a 14 footer would appear to be about 21 ft. long to folks on the surface. That is a big fish and right where I did lots of scooter beach dives to the 90 ft. contour on the third reef back in the day. Never saw any sharks out there but suspected they were there regardless. Didn't consider white sharks however. Sharks do seem to be in town currently in fact it is starting to feel down right sharky out there. Heads up shooters, whitey may have your number!

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