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Shucks...I had been kiting there that day from 11am onward. I saw it all building, around 3pm it got too much for my 12m and my flightdeck so I came in.

I packed my stuff up and was leaving around 4pm when I saw that kid walking with his board. I knew I should have stayed. I left shaking my head. Thought he had learned.

What type of parents are they! That's child endangerment right there. I'm gonna call it right now, it's gonna take a serious injury for this kid to learn anything. He might get by for years and years without incident, but he'll still have not really learned anything.

The picture attached at about 3:30pm. Just before it opened up.

Was out at SS yesterday with my wife. Just me and only one other guy (John I think) from 11a to 3pm. Fantastic wind. Too choppy for my Flightdeck (only board). Still fun though.

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